Mark Oliver Twist

Walking though Olympic Plaza during Culture days, a crowd surrounds Mark Oliver Twist as he creates art on the ground, speed painting …

Anthony Panlaqui

On Friday Sept. 25, ACAD graduate Anthony Panlaqui sits outside Analog Coffee shop enjoying the evening sun. As he sips his coffee amidst the hustle and bustle of 17th Avenue, Panlaqui enjoys people watching and working on his sketchbook. “You can’t really compare it to any other city,” he says of Calgary. He adds, “if you’ll look, you’ll find something to do, something to see, something to inspire you.” Panlaqui has been working at the Hyatt Regency for the past ten years, but aims to perfect his craft and pursue a full-time career as an artist.
Video by Emily Thwaites

Chongkui Jiang

Originally from China, Chongkui Jiang moved to Calgary 12 years ago to join his daughter. Jiang is an engineer and a teacher. He spends his off time at Prince’s Island Park with his wife, where they perform Tai Chi.

Video by Sarah Kirk

Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison has lived in Calgary his whole life. He loves walking through Calgary’s parks with his best buddy, Buzz. Buzz is Harrison’s third Chihuahua. They were strolling through Edworthy Park on Sept. 27, a particularly chilly Sunday afternoon. Harrison walks his dog at the park almost every single day, regardless of the weather. He has had many adventures there; Harrison was daring enough to sneak into the park when it was closed during the floods of 2013.

Video by Paul McAleer

Sajjad Khan

Sajjad Khan’s main concern is to see change in how people interact with each other in the society.
“Everybody is all about themselves, it’s about me, me, me and it’s something I would love to see change in this world; is that we would stop thinking me and start we.”
By Mirandah Shereni

Gina Cherkowski

Gina Cherkowski is passionate about providing hands-on educational experiences for kids. She says access to education is one of the most important issues facing young people around the world.
“I believe that education is not equitably distributed, so I want to make sure all kids get access to high-quality education,” said Cherkowski.
Photo by Sabina Seyidova

Elle Nguyen

Café barista Elle Nguyen considers coffee and its appreciation to be her biggest passion.
“I’m trying to get people to kind of have less sugar in their coffee and appreciate the actual taste of coffee,” she says. “If you have really great beans it’s already naturally sweet, you don’t need that much sugar in your coffee.”
Photo by Sarah Kirk

Airelle Detraz

On a warm September afternoon, 24-year-old Airelle Detraz sits on a bench by a water fountain in Central Memorial Park. She’s writing in a notebook when a Faces of Calgary reporter approaches her.

Detraz says that her ideal first date would be “a long dinner, sitting down and just talking and getting to know each other.” She goes on to add that it would be also be nice to go on a hike or see the zoo.
Photo by Polly Eason

Gary Webber

If he could give his younger self a piece of advice, Gary Webber would say, “Stay away from the alcohol and the drugs.”

It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, not a cloud in sight. Webber is fishing next to the Peace Bridge, in full gear with a cigarette loosely hanging from his mouth. Although he looks entirely relaxed, he says he had a hard life.

Photo by Paul McAleer

Don Carruthers

As I walked down 17th Avenue, I came upon an elderly man, Don Carruthers, sitting on a bench. He seemed to be enjoying the Friday morning sun. I introduced myself and asked him my question: “What would be your ideal date?”

Carruthers began his description of an ideal date by saying his date would be, “a good-looking blonde, with a 36-24-36.”
Photo by Nicole Auger