Calgary Confederation a key battleground in tight election

Liberal party gaining momentum in the polls and to form government every seat will make the difference.

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The CBC has reported the Liberals and the Conservatives are in a heated race in this federal election.

The Liberal Party will need to snatch as many seats as possible from the Tories if they want to be the next government in Ottawa.

The Liberals are even trying to break through in the Tory heartland of Alberta. Liberals candidates have built a strong presence in six ridings in the wildrose province according to the poll tracking website ThreeHundredEight.There are three Liberal candidates with a chance to win in Calgary.

In Calgary Confederation, Liberal candidate Matt Grant is ahead by a razor thin margin of 2.4 per cent over Conservative candidate Len Webber according to a ThreeHundredEight poll released Oct. 7.

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Federal polling station at Calgary’s Drop-In Centre thought to be first of its kind

Elections Canada making it easier for homeless to vote

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A new initiative aims to make voting for individuals with no fixed address or mobility issues much easier. Thought to be the first program of its kind in Canada, Elections Canada is setting up a polling station at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre on election day. However, the polling station will limit voting to the Drop-In Centre’s past and present clients. 

The Drop-In Centre has an estimated 1,200 clients, 75 to 85 per cent of whom have mobility issues. 

"In this situation, it just made sense to provide those electors in that area with the most accessible means to cast a ballot possible," said Leanne Nyirfa, an Elections Canada representative.

Randy Pages, an outreach worker and past client of the Drop-In Centre, was prevented from voting during the last provincial election due to mobility issues. He says he thinks it’s great that there is an accessible place for clients who have never experienced voting before because it removes barriers.

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Anti-Harper campaign storms Calgary ridings, but will it make a difference?

Vote Now says campaign will change Canada’s electoral system, but critic says it’s just an ideological issue

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The Vote Together campaign run by Leadnow, a nationwide anti-Harper organization, announced 16 non-Conservative candidates across the country in the hopes that voters will rally behind them in the upcoming election. However, a Calgary policy studies professor says the campaign’s plan is impractical.

The process, titled “Storm the Riding,” began early in 2015 when volunteers went door-to-door collecting signatures from voters saying they would support a progressive party over the Conservatives. The campaign specifically targeted Conservative swing ridings.

But Duane Bratt, chair of Policy Studies at Mount Royal University, said they are really just fighting an ideological war.

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Boost your political smarts before ELXN42

Answers to 10 questions you were afraid to ask


The Calgary Journal caught up with three political experts from Mount Royal University to answer the most basic of political questions in advance of the Oct. 19 federal election. Communications professor David Taras, political science professor Lori Williams and policy studies professor Richard Sutherland all tackled these need-to-know questions with 60-second or less answers.

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