Crockatt in hot seat again over transgender rights bill C-279

Conservative MP fends off criticism in Calgary Centre candidates debate


Conservative MP Joan Crockatt faced jeers and hissing as she defended her decision to vote against the transgender rights bill C-279 at an all-candidates’ election debate earlier this week in Calgary Centre.

The incumbent found herself in rough waters Sept. 15 when questioned over her opposition to a bill that would write gender identity rights into the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code.

“This bill did not help us move forward on the issues as we hoped it would,” she said at the debate. “As a legislator, your job is to put forward sound legislation. This particular bill did not meet that test.”

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Just-In Time

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau begins first full day of campaigning in Calgary the day after election called

TrudeauThumbDeadmau5's The Veldt blasted through the speakers of Liberal candidate Matt Grant's campaign headquarters located at 922 Centre Street N. on Aug. 3, along with the cheers of many supporters of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Then, through a small opening created by the crowd of about 400 people squishing up against one another, the man everyone wanted to see stepped up to the podium. But first, he stopped to admire a mother holding her newborn baby who had a Liberal pin fastened to its onesie.

"Hello Calgary," Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said, greeting a crowd packed into a sweltering hot room in the Calgary Confederate riding.

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