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Old Trout Puppet Workshop kills off well-known theatre characters on stage

Calgary based performance group creates intriguing spins on classic stories

thumbnailFamous Puppet Death Scenes- The BeastFamous Puppet Death Scenes, a comical theatre production, has been shown since Mar. 13 and will continue until Mar. 28 at Theatre Junction GRAND.

Performed by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop who adopted a unique puppeteer path by piecing together small vignettes into one complete show instead of the usual shows with one central theme and a singular narrative.

The show is made up of the death scenes from other famous and potentially longer puppet shows like Pinocchio. But after each death scene the curtain closes and the audience is left to its own imagination to fill in the missing gaps as the show moves on to the next death scene.


Calgary artists migrate to U.S. to record

Chron Goblin and Throne of Vengance find inspiration and opportinuty in Oregon

THUMB FingersRAW2There are plenty of stages in Calgary where live music can be seen on a nightly basis. From the creaky floorboards of the Palomino to the fluorescent dance floor at the Nite Owl, across the bridge to the Ironwood with its enormous acoustics and back to Broken City, or Republik; the list goes on.

However, when it comes time to record a new album, two hard rock headliners from Calgary have recently chosen to record their music in cities with more established roots in the music industry. And while that means the inconvenience of packing their bags and hitting the road, Chron Goblin and Throne of Vengeance insist it's worth it.


U of C dance students continues tradition with Mainstage Performance

The university celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Bachelor of Arts Dance program

THUMB mainstage1This weekend, dance students of the University of Calgary's School of Creative and Performing Art's will be presenting their Mainstage Dance performance.

Mainstage is a chance for dance students to show off their hard work in an extracurricular performance

The show will be held at University Theatre located on the U of C Campus grounds March 19, 20 and 21 starting at 8pm.

The U of C is home to one of six dance degree programs across Canada, offering a bachelor degree or minor in dance as well as a choreography and performance concentration.


Calgarian talent produces Canadian classic The Melville Boys

Veteran play at Pumphouse Theatre resonates life's reality

Full castthumbThroughout life people are faced with many hardships, something that Canadian playwright Norm Foster dives into in his 1984 play, The Melville Boys. The story focuses on two brothers and two sisters, forced to deal with the inevitable facts of life.

The 2015 production, directed by Ed Ogum, held its opening night Mar. 12 at Pumphouse Theatre in Calgary, Alta. The evening was full of both laughs and deep reflection as the characters' lives slowly unraveled.

"We stuck to that period just because for us we thought there was something catchy and interesting about that time," Ogum says of the 1980s. "Going back to it for us, we felt, was probably going to take us on a journey into discovering certain things about that time and the way people were at that time, and see how that informs us in the present day."