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Wacken Metal Battle Canada returns for third year

Canadian metal bands compete for a shot to play at German music festival

thumb WackenCrowd1EDITEDFor the third year in a row, heavy metal bands from across the country will battle for a chance to play at Wacken Open Air, the largest metal festival in the world.

The competition, which takes place north of Hamburg, Germany, is the brainchild of JJ Tartaglia; long-time Canadian metal drummer and label owner.

"(It's the) third year it's going on. Really happy about that," says Tartaglia. "It's been going strong ever since the first year and we're just kind of rolling off that steam."


Up-and-coming artist Cory Nespor making a name in the arts

Calgarian makes way as a full-time artist after making several large life changes

thumb NesporEDITED1Calgarian Cory Nespor quit a well paying job and moved to a new country in hopes of making a life change, but he got so much more than that – a career as an artist.

This career is miles away from his first job as an electrician, but nine years down that road, he packed up his life and moved to New Zealand.

"I was an electrician for 13 years and I realized it wasn't who I was as a person." says the 34-year old artist.

While Nespor was living in New Zealand, he carried around a notebook encouraging people to share words of their life experiences inside of it.

"They spoke to me and started to inspire me while I was there," says Nespor, "I started matching the words in the book to images and started painting."


Jewish Community Centre is reaching out to those struggling to learn Hebrew

When materials to aid in learning the language are limited, so are the chances of learning it at all

thumb Kids-BooksHebrew is a beautiful and widely spoken language. But it is hard to access literature in Calgary that could help beginners learn the language — something the Jewish Book Festival's new Hebrew Book Exchange is trying to change.

Stan Berezovski, an author who was at the festival, says "some people want to learn Hebrew just to speak Hebrew, while some people want to learn Hebrew because it is the original language of the whole world."

The cultural arts manager of the Calgary Jewish Community Centre, Shula Banchik says it is easy to learn to read the language, taking just "three to four hours, because there's a whole method to that reading. The difficult thing is to understand what you're reading."


Theatrical play bringing light to an untold story

'Making Treaty 7' hopes to create dialogue amongst all races within Treaty 7 territory

thumb CrowdThe new play Making Treaty 7 aims to educate Calgarians about how that agreement came about. But in preparing for the play, its creators and performers also learned how little is known about Treaty 7 — even among First Nations.

Treaty 7 was a deal signed in 1877 by several First Nations in southern Alberta, which saw much of their land transferred to the British Crown.

While doing research for the performance, which was most recently staged at Saint Mary's University, the creators did an experiment: they walked up to random strangers and asked them what they knew of Treaty 7. The lack of knowledge was staggering.