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A tribute to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The third annual Floating Lantern Festival remembers the tragic events in Japan 70 years later 

DSC 4421LANTERNthumbGloomy clouds covered Calgary's Olympic Plaza the evening of Aug. 6 for the Floating Lantern Festival hosted by Project Ploughshares Calgary and the 2020 Vision for Humanity Network. Rain trickled down on the crowd that had gathered in remembrance of the tragic events that occurred in Japan 70 years ago to the day in 1945.

On this grey day, a little girl holds the hand of her mother as she watches the commemoration ceremony unfold. In her left hand she carries a tiny bouquet of pink daises and is entranced by a group onstage singing It's A Small World After All.


Psychic Pollution mixes up expectations on the dance floor

Music maestro Schuurman spins his "Psychic Pollution" like a therapy session.

Thumbnail IMG 40292According to music ace and solo frontman Jzero Schuurman of Psychic Pollution, his ambient experimental music is inspired by electro-groups like CAN, Neu!, Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno, to list a few. But the Psychic Pollution formula has been in the laboratory for quite some time.

Growing up in Victoria, BC. Schuurman was inspired to learn music from his church band.

"I was a church kid and when I saw the other musicians, I always wanted to be the drummer playing with the church choir," he says. So that's what Schuurman decided to do – learn drums.

Schuurman says he worked all summer one year in his early teens until he was able to afford his first drum set, and then became a self-taught drummer. But he didn't stop there.


No Sled, no Island, but still awesome

Annual downtown festival kicks off Calgary's musical summer

SLEDTHUMBThe craziness that is the 10 days of Stampede is now over, with all of the deep-fried goodness consumed to the max and bank accounts completely drained. While the city is recovering from the constant daze of plaid and alcohol, we at the Calgary Journal would like to remember the five days of musical and artistic glory that overcame the city just a few days before the smell of sweat and manure – Sled Island.


Late night with the Snap Boys

Calgary's men in heels dance crew are dressed to kill

thumbA sleek black limo has just arrived in front of the Cowboys Casino in downtown Calgary. The driver, dressed to the nines, dances around the side of the vehicle. In one swift motion, he grips the handle and pulls the passenger door open with a click.

The first heel hits the pavement. Six-inch heels with a two-inch platform, black leather shimmering under the streetlights; laces tied as tight as Ada Lovelace's corset.