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Making sense of unintelligible accents and outrageous slang


In recent years, Canada has been inundated with visitors from Australia and New Zealand; they have flocked to our ski hills and small tourist towns. In an attempt to help the Canadian population in understanding what some consider unintelligible accents and outrageous slang, we have created an educational video in hopes of aiding some form of mutual understanding. But first, since we both hail from Down Under, here are a few tips on what not to say or do:

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As one of the last cities to introduce a contemporary art centre, Calgary is finally catching up

ContemporaryThumbCalgary is one of the only major cities in North America that does not currently have a space dedicated to contemporary art, but Contemporary Calgary is attempting to change that.

The organization, the result of local art communities coming together — the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Art Gallery of Calgary and the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Art — has already integrated itself into the city, with the art expected to move into the planetarium in September. This will be the first space of its kind.

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Board game cafés set to open in Calgary

gamingphotothumbVancouver is the site of several innovative board game themed restaurants. However, a growing interest in those games has caused several restaurants to make an appearance in Calgary – and gamers seem keen about that idea.

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Veteran photographer shares experience of covering her beloved Haiti for 30 years

DSC 0398Maggie Steber has been photographing Haitians intensively for 30 years, and has dedicated her photos to changing how the world sees poverty.

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