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Shredding the Slopes -A Fear that had to be faced

After being MIA from snowboarding for 10 years, Brittany Sackschewsky shares her comeback story

thumb selfiesnowboardingWhen I was 14 I was filled with ambition and I was fearless. Snowboarding back then was a breeze. I remember it was a sunny day when my family and I hit the slopes in 2005. I was with my Dad and wasn't afraid of being alone, but he stayed with me on the mountain and helped me get back up every time I fell.

Now, I could only assume that I would pick it up right where I left off. However, my memory did not serve me correctly. Snowboarding is not something that could be picked up again without practising.


Shades of grey

In a time when media coverage of rising racial tensions in the United States paints the story in black-and-white, journalists hold power to help neutralize the situation

Ritchie3I hated that stare I used to get back in grade school when I told people my dad was a cop.

I hated it then, and even now that he's retired I despise it. There truly aren't strong enough words to answer the kind of judgmental glares I've received for being a cop's daughter. Over the years I have been continuously thrown under the same umbrella of idiocy as "oppressor garbage" based solely on proximity.


Reporting from religious ignorance

How can journalists write on cultures they're not fundamentally familiar with?

1Religijne symbole0Take a look at many news media reports within the last month and you will come across the words "religion", "radical" and "extremist" – you won't even need luck to find them all in the same sentence.

Now more than ever, the focus of mainstream media includes reports that center on world religions and their interpretations and ramifications.

That being said, as journalists our purpose lies in serving the public, so it seems an obvious conclusion that we must fairly and accurately report on issues that directly involve religion. It is also our duty to take our news coverage a step further than simple facts, and provide context for our audiences about the situations we report on.

Moreover, the nation of Canada is by no means secular; in truth many of our laws were founded on biblical principles and beliefs.


My nomadic childhood

Studies have shown that moving around a lot as a child can cause problems in adulthood

thumb1Untitled"So we're moving to Canada," my dad said.

I remember the day four years ago like it happened today. My mom, my brother and I stared at him as he handed us the papers showing our Visas had come through.

"It will be good for us guys," he said seeing the anguish on our faces.
"You can start over all over again. Be a whole new person."

Anxiety swirled around in my stomach. I didn't want to move again. All the moving had left me feeling like a seed that had never been planted. Couldn't I just for once settle down?