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Albertans now have a better appreciation of unique northern town, says longtime resident

FortMac8 copyMore than 80,000 people were forced to evacuate Fort McMurray in early May when a wildfire burned its way towards our city. Ash and smoke swallowed communities whole. The blaze was dubbed “The Beast” by Fire Chief Darby Allen.

As a budding journalist, this was the first time I ever really witnessed my hometown being so talked about in the media, and among my colleagues, for anything else besides oil.

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'I no longer identified with being a victim'

Des1thumbnailNinety-five per cent of childhood sexual assault victims know and trust their abuser. This was true for Calgarian Desmond Biss, who, as a seven-year-old, was abused for five years by a male teenager close to Biss’ family.

In the 29 years since then, Biss has confronted the abuse of his childhood and embarked on a journey of discovery, growth and acceptance. His self-development gave him the strength to publicly speak about his experiences, including the stigma surrounding male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

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Art that glamourizes society’s dark side may be blurring reality and fantasy

ThumbFor most artists, pushing the envelope comes with the job description: taking controversial subjects and interpreting them aesthetically can often help to get an artist noticed.

However, according to Mitch Kern, associate professor of photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), stylized images of violence may have the effect of blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

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Anna lives a harrowing but rewarding double life as the acting prostitute in Calgary sting operations

In order to protect her identity, The Calgary Journal agreed to refer to the officer as Anna.

HookerCop Thumb copyIt was her second day as a police officer without supervision — up to this point she was always accompanied by a senior police officer — when Anna was dispatched to the scene of a woman reportedly thrown from a moving semi-trailer truck cab on Deerfoot Trail.

The woman, a sex worker, had been repeatedly threatened by the driver. Becoming more and more afraid for her safety, she pulled out a pair of scissors from her purse and stabbed the driver. He started to slow down, pulled to the side of the highway and threw her out of the cab. He never stopped to let her out, and he continued driving after pushing her to the ground.

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