Journey to the past: WWI memorials explored

If you want to visit World War I memorials, go in August where the grass is at its greenest.

It provides a stark contrast to the grey headstones of buried soldiers. Visit it the early afternoon, preferably when it is raining. The overcast skies and the pattering of the rain against the leaves and muddy ground create a background sound to otherwise entirely silent surroundings.

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Intergenerational stress a product of rising Aboriginal teen pregnancy

It was early in the morning and the room was still dark as Joy Thunder found herself head down, crying into a mattress.

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One shattered dream and a devastated family

On July 20, 2013, Billy Joe Laboucan, chief of Alberta’s Lubicon Lake Band took out his hearing aid for the night and went to sleep. In the early hours of the next morning, unable to hear his phone ringing, his eldest daughter, Charity Laboucan, drove over to his place to wake him up, breaking news that no parent ever wants to hear.

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Making sense of illness through art

In the absence of words, selfies help patients reflect on trauma 

LM1thumbnailThe first time I tried art therapy I was eight years old, had a rap sheet of behavioural issues that felt a mile long, severe anxiety, and was getting bullied almost every day by my peers.

Once every few weeks, my mother would take me to a psychologist to talk about it — a woman I remember feeling extraordinarily out of touch with. She would ask questions that I wouldn’t see the significance of for many years to come. Then she asked me to draw a picture based on what we had just been talking about. I was never very good with a crayon.

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