Finding Taylor

The loss of one family member inspires another to find her sense of purpose

FTthumbnail copyA single hockey jersey hangs in the middle of the ice at the Pincher Creek Memorial Community Centre Arena, with the name Elliott, and the number seven, on the back. It’s there for my cousin, Taylor.

Hunting, hiking, and hockey were the passions that kept him afloat in the world. Many believed that he had the perfect life – I even bragged about being related to him, seeing as he was so cool. No one would have believed that there was anything troubling his mind.

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Game, Set, Chat

Board game cafes hope to do more than entertain

Group Game GirlsIn a world focused on technology and obtaining the latest gadgets, we find ourselves immersed in a society that lacks social interaction. With phones and other smart devices now serving as personal extensions of ourselves, a Calgary café reverts back to basics when games weren’t on screens but boards.

Dorota Ulkowska and Pascal Espinosa are the owners of Metal Galaxy Bistro, a popular board game cafe that recently opened its doors a second time after relocating

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How I learned to say scissors in English

The special journey of how a first generation immigrant found her lost language and identity

Aamara thumbnailMy kindergarten teacher looked at me in confusion when I held up a pair of scissors and called them kainchi.

Soon after, I learned about flashcards. A lady would pull me out of class and take me to another room, where she would hold up cards with objects on them. Underneath each object was an English word.


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Alone in Rome

Booking the wrong hostel inspires a solitary journey

PantheonOutsideeditthumbnail copyWe arrived in Rome late at night. Though we were sad to leave Munich and the city’s gigantic (yet somehow perfectly sized) beers behind, the trip had to go on. We were always tired when we travelled to different cities, but as soon as we arrived we would instantly feel energized by our new surroundings. Rome had once seemed like a mythic place that we would only ever see on television – but there we were, travelling on the train from the airport and slowly making our way towards our rooms for the night.

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