'Tis the season for disappointment

Why New Year’s resolutions are delusional

thumb thumbclowChristmas is all wrapped up and New Year’s Eve is around the corner. Partygoers are stocking up on cheap champagne, sparkly top hats and tacky sunglasses that read 2016. 

Meanwhile, I’m sitting at home, simply not caring about this holiday. Why? Number one: time is imaginary. Two: I’m so tired of letting myself down every year by failing every single resolution I’ve ever made for myself. 

You see, I despise New Year’s because it is a constant reminder of how little I actually accomplished this past year. It is a kick in the ribs while I’m down. It’s a giant middle finger in my face, screaming at me for procrastinating and being a lazy bag of garbage. You probably think I’m being too hard on myself, or on the flip side, maybe you see a bit of yourself in me. 

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77-year-old beloved grandmother suffers from life-changing stroke

In the blink of an eye


It was October 16th. I woke up, ate breakfast, got ready, and went to school. It was a day just like any other. While driving I thought offhand I should have called my grandmother, but didn’t follow through with it. I couldn’t have known that dismissive moment would be the cause of my ever-nagging regret. Once class ended, I drove home, ate dinner with my family, and went to the gym. An ordinary day, until the phone rang at midnight.

I was in my room when my dad answered the phone. I listened from the other line just like I used to do as a kid. The only difference was I wasn’t being a sneaky 10-year-old eavesdropping on a conversation between two friends; I was a 20-year-old with a sinking feeling in my stomach as I listened in on the call. It was my uncle on the phone talking with my father about his mother-in-law. My grandmother.

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Why being a “homer” could be bad for sports broadcasting

The danger of intentional biases when covering a local sports team


Another NHL season is underway and the Calgary Flames are hoping to replicate last season’s success of making the second round of the playoffs.

Prior to last season, it had been five long seasons that the Flames and their fans had to endure without any playoff action. From 2009 to 2014, mismanagement, an aging roster and a denial to rebuild the team were the causes of this prolonged absence from the post-season.

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Through Their Eyes: Calgary strangers discuss election issues over tea (Part 2)

 International student shares employment views with man who experienced homelessness

TTE2 thumbnail

Through Their Eyes is a video series that examines federal election issues from the perspective of real people. We've paired Calgarians from different backgrounds to explain their points of view on the issues that matter to them. It's not an interview or a debate, it's a conversation, and the Calgary Journal invites you to join in.

Want to weigh in on the issues our participants discussed? Tweet @calgaryjournal with the hashtag #ThroughTheirEyes and tell us your thoughts.

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