April Fools Day parade spreads comic cheer through downtown core

Greenfools Theatre's annual parade in its 23rd year

Photos by Matthew Hayhurst and Rachel Kane

The April Fools Day parade is held annually by the Greenfools Theatre group as a family event where anyone can get involved.
The 23rd annual parade attracted more than 40 Calgarians dressed in an assortment of costumes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Greenfools even brought in some of their stilt walkers to lead the parade down 17th avenue on an adventure that turned heads at every street corner.
The group happily shouted "Happy April Fools" and danced about from Tomkins Park, down to 3rd Street, and back to Tomkins Park.
After the parade, participants were invited to try stilt-walking, learn to juggle and play around with an assortment of circus goodies.