Calgary’s historical churches

Calgary is known for its sleek skyscrapers, shiny cars and modern fashion. We're a city that runs on the adrenaline of the word "new."

But hidden around Calgary are remnants of the past.

The Calgary Heritage Authority maintains an "Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources." These sites are deemed by the authority to be historically significant to Calgary based on specifically defined criteria such as original design or association with important historical figures. Once a resource makes the list, steps are taken to help preserve it. However, only structures that are legally protected by the municipal, provincial or federal governments are safe from developers or demolition.

While we don't have any Notre Dames, Westminster Abbeys, or St. Peter's Basilicas, Calgary has 59 religious sites (including cemeteries) that make the list of historically significant resources.

Here's a peek at some of Calgary's own cathedrals, chapels, and churches with the reasons why the Calgary Heritage Authority considers them to be a valuable part of our city's history.