Roughnecks take down Mammoth in epic showdown

Overtime goal sees Calgary as the victors

Photos by Nicole Butz and Matthew Hayhurst

After a slow start to the game that produced only three goals for the Calgary Roughnecks, the team quickly picked up the pace, managing to take down the Colorado Mammoth in the first two minutes of overtime.
The Roughnecks fought hard and their effort certainly showed. Two late-game goals pushed the Roughnecks ahead of the Mammoth for the first time since their opening goal of the game. Roughnecks their first lead since the opening goal of the game, but the Mammoth tied the score with less than a minute on the clock sending the game into overtime.
The crowd went wild as it was announced that Calgary's NLL Lacrosse team was the victor. The final score of the game was 12-11 for Calgary.