Sunalta LRT is quiet on Friday morning rush hour

Residents welcome the new station but is it underused?

Photos by Scott Kingsmith

The community of Sunalta celebrated its centennial last year with the opening of the new Sunalta LRT station. It has now been operating for four months, but does not appear as busy as one might expect for an early Friday morning.

Unlike the bustling streets of downtown, which stand only half a kilometre away, the people of Sunalta move at a slower pace. As one walks down the street here, they can find elderly couples sitting on lawn chairs and sipping steamy cups of coffee and a postal worker delivering mail door-to-door. Only the odd person climbs the steps to reach the station above.


Between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., the trains pick up only a hand-full of riders in each eight-minute interval and for the seven minutes in between, you simply hear the whirring of the empty escalators.