Bernard Callebaut talks Valentine’s chocolate

What goes into your sweetheart's sweets

For chocolate lovers, Valentine's Day is all about satisfying that nagging sweet tooth. And during this season, ornate chocolates are seen lining the shelves from Shoppers Drug Mart to the upper echelons of Calgarian chocolateries.

Though it's a popular commodity – especially around this congenial time of year – chocolate is a temperamental treat. It takes a lot of patience and experimentation to make it into the perfect sweet for your sweetie.

To Bernard Callebaut of Papa Chocolat, the best chocolate for your sweetheart comes from the caring about the product. If the chocolate isn't prepared, cooled , or even stored right, it can affect the rich and illustrious taste that we all associate with it.

"Believe it or not, but chocolate absorbs the odours around it, which can affect its taste," Callebaut says.

Bernard Callebaut's newest Valentine's Day chocolates creations were are an opportunity to expand his his horizons and create works of art create luxury out of his chocolate almost too beautiful to eat. If you're in the industry, he says, it's necessary to push your creativity to its highest level.

"I love it. I get to try new things all the time and experiment, it's my favourite part [of my job]," Bernard Callebaut says.

Photos by Jodi Egan