Calgary’s beer community officially tapped and full of good flavour

Documentary talks to Graham Sherman, of Tool Shed Brewing Company, and home brewers about what's behind the evolution of the 'craft' in Alberta

We all have dreams that we hope come true one day.

For Graham Sherman, his dream was blocked by regulations that were in place by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC). But last Dec., the AGLC decided to help Sherman – and other small brewers – out, by clearing a path for him to take his passion for brewing beer to a whole new level.

"When I saw that they (the AGLC) had abolished the minimums, I called Jeff, we got in our car and drove up to St. Albert, Alta. to meet the AGLC, to hug them," Sherman said, reflecting on the moment when he realized brewing his beer in Alberta was close to a reality.

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