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Organizations say government funding increase has been a lifeline, but there is still a strain on their services


With domestic violence calls increasing in the city, organizations say they are feeling the pinch when it comes to providing services and housing to victims.

The 2016 budget, announced by the Alberta government in October, allotted new annual funding of $15 million to provide support for emergency and second stage housing organizations in the province.

This meant an increase of 70 new beds for women and their children, as well as close to 20 new support staff positions.

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Operating her own business, Faith makes art she learned from her heritage


Faith Courtereille, 25, is studying business and majoring in marketing at SAIT. She raises her two children with her husband, while operating her home business Powwow Styles Beadwork.

Courtereille specializes in beadwork such as earrings, and powwow designs that range from different types of applique work to ribbon work. The craft of sewing and beading was passed down her matrilineal line. As she got older she took native arts craft classes to learn more.

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Fond memories, loving family, and never a dull moment

Pic1Going to visit my grandparents at the farm has always been my favourite place while growing up, and it continues to be to this day. Located outside a tiny, near-ghost town, Derwent Alta., the farm has always been the prime spot for my dad’s side of the family to get together.

Growing up with several cousins made these visits to the farm extra special, as we had so much space to run around, climb hay bails, and pull each other around in the famous wagon.

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Young Calgarian jumps into home ownership despite challenging economic climate

brandon-1 thumbnailThere’s no denying that the current economic climate has many Albertans feeling anxious, but for 21-year-old Calgary homebuyer Brandon Jacklin, it made sense to invest and buy a new home now.

“My realtor told me it would be a good time to buy based on the market going down a bit.”

Jacklin began looking back in July 2015, and found a townhouse he loved just a month later. He has no regrets about buying during the summer months, even though prices have dropped some since then.

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