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Coming out in the workplace

Downtown Calgary

A lack of education and openness in Canadian workspaces could account for a high percentage of straight Canadian workers who don’t think that it is important for LGBTQ+ to be ‘out’ in the workplace. Businesses could change this by implementing programs and guidelines to further educate employers on LGBTQ+ issues.

A recent study issued by the Canadian Centre of Diversity and Inclusion showed that 42.2 per cent of straight identifying employees do not believe that it is important for an LGBTQ+ person to be ‘out’ in their workplace.

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How an afternoon at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre changed my understanding of homelessness


An assortment of people mingled outside the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre just before noon. As I walked from my car to the front door of the tall brick building, it was easy to notice the differences between us. Disgruntled expressions. Baggy clothing. Unkempt hair. Nicotine. My suburban-dwelling self felt miles away from comfortable.

“Did I lock the car?” I remember thinking. I pressed the lock button on my car remote one more time to hear the reassuring chirp it makes. I was there to serve lunch, but thankfully – as I realized throughout the afternoon – I was about to learn a few things as well.

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Bicycle commuting Calgarians adapting to cycling trends


Do you want to feel the wind in your hair? One way to explore the city centre or outskirts of Calgary is by cycling.

In 2015, there were 6,125 bicycles that entered and exited downtown Calgary counted annually on a weekday by the City of Calgary.

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How to manage your digital assets before you die

thumbnailIt’s no secret that today’s world is becoming increasingly digital. People own more digital assets than ever before, including photographs, music, books, and even different forms of currency.

Understanding how to properly manage these assets when a person dies can be confusing, because policies vary widely from company to company across the Internet.

Marissa German is an associate at McLeod Law LLP, and has written articles on topics such as digital asset estate planning for Wealth Matter. She says that digital assets can carry different types of value, ranging from monetary to sentimental and reputational values.

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