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Calgary’s best kept secret in the city’s core of urban dwelling

The views from Tom Campbell's park make it a jewel in the heart of the city

THUM 2Photo9Amongst million dollar homes, it's hard to believe a small park with a perfect view still stands on top of a hill in the city's beltline.

While most of Calgary's hill areas are full of expensive homes, this park is reserved for citizens and their dogs.

This park sits on 18 hectares of land tucked in behind some of Calgary's prime real estate. It's located on the top of a hill overlooking the Bow River, Nose Creek and Memorial Drive. The 270-degree skyline frames the downtown to the west. In the centre, the breathtaking view overlooks the Calgary Zoo and expands out to the east over the long stretch of highways.


Secondary suites: More than just paperwork and fix-ups

A behind-the-scenes look at the people raising the bar for these accessory residences

suites-thumbA cursory glance at the single-family house didn't offer any clues as to what was inside. It looked no different from any other of the bungalows lining the northwest Calgary suburban cul-de-sac. But in this case a new fully legal secondary suite lay somewhere within.

Shawn Langille, a realtor and leasing associate at Redline Real Estate Group, opened a tall wooden gate leading to the back of the house. The 'backyard' had been transformed into its own area. Large windows framed the 'front' door to the house. Inside, sunlight spilled into an intimate, airy space that didn't feel like a basement suite.


Online pirates continue looting, despite Bill C-11

Online pirates continue looting, despite Bill C-11

illegaldownloads thumb1 copyDownloaders across the nation may have rung in the New Year with an email from their Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, saying that their online activities are being monitored due to alleged copyright infringement. But do users need pay attention to them?

ISPs such as Shaw, Bell, and Telus are now legally obligated to inform their customers if their IP address is seen partaking in pirate-like behaviour, such as downloading movies, or music, illegally, or sharing these products on peer-to-peer programs such as Vuze.

But now, those who are caught allegedly infringing copyright will be informed as part of the Harper Government's Copyright Modernization Act, or as it is otherwise known, Bill C-11.


Marathon man Martin Parnell’s 5-year quest raises $1.36 million

After 10 quests, five years, and thousands of kilometers traveled, Cochrane philanthropist looks ahead

thumbCoastal quest Martin ParnellIn the last five years, Martin Parnell has run thousands of kilometers, summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in 21 hours, helped more than 27,000 underprivileged children across the world and raised $1,367,000 for Canadian organization Right To Play.

With a passion for running developing later in his life, in 2010, after years of planning and preparation, Parnell made the goal of completing 10 ultimate "Quests for Kids," to raise $1 million.

As of Oct. 2014, Parnell had completed all 10 quests and had raised just under $700,000 while encouraging the creation of play programs for more than 25,000 children worldwide. His five-year fundraising timeline ended Jan. 31, 2015 and with matching donations, Parnell surpassed his goal by an additional $300,000.