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#YYCAtWork: Student struggles to balance life, work and studies

The unique lifestyle of a university student and the struggle of balancing school, work, and life all at the same time

Sarah BrownAs a marketing student at the University of Lethbridge, Sarah Brown provides insight into an unusual lifestyle of juggling multiple jobs while dealing with the mounting stress of the full-time student experience.

Brown worked multiple jobs over the past few years to support herself through school, from security at a nightclub, to sales at a clothing store and working at a deli counter.


Calgary cycling community shifting gears towards women

Calgary's female cycling community struggles with the large gender gap that exists on the city's bike routes

Calgary CyclingWhen people think of cyclists, the stereotypical picture is of men, fully suited up, tearing through pathways or roadways like they are in the Tour de France. But where are the women on Calgary's bike paths and roads?

The city's bicycle count released last year found 79 per cent of cyclists are male.

Kristi Woo, an avid cyclist and the founder/designer of Riyoko Urban Bikewear, believes the bicycle count is important for the city because it identifies the main routes taken by many cyclists. However, Woo said she and some of her fellow female cyclists find they do not cycle at the times or places where the bicycle count was being conducted.


Man Van hits the streets to spread prostate cancer awareness

Prostate Cancer Centre mobilizes rolling facility for early prostrate detection in men

Man VanWhen you see this van you may do a double take. It's blue and bright, bearing enormous checkered underwear with "GET CHECKED" printed across it.

Produced by Angie Lang

The Man Van is a mobile unit operated by the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC). The Man Van's staff, consisting of several volunteers and nurses, drive to various locations in and around Calgary offering free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood tests to men over 40 years old.


Two bands “battle” for a cause

Between Friends raises funds to help special needs Calgarians

thumbnail between-bandsBetween Friends, an organization that helps disabled individuals in Calgary, recently held a fundraiser that featured two veteran local bands — bORDERLINE and the Advo-Cats — playing their hearts out for a good cause.

"It's about two corporate bands (that) have decided that they want to support an organization in the community," says Suzanne Jackett, CEO of Between Friends. "They've chosen our organization and they each play a set and go back and forth and see what band can get people more lively and on the dance floor and just have a great time."