Day in the Life of a Pole Junkie

Michelle Dueck, pole dancing student by day, pole dancing teacher by night.

teachpoleAs she drives in her sleek gray car, Michelle Dueck reflects on her journey into the art of pole dancing.

"I've always danced, you know? And the gym's okay, I do go, but I can only do so much in a gym. I did Baton, and I loved it. I wanted to do something as different as that," says Dueck.

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Could Canada’s farming future see small farms disappear?

As farming changes, education about farming practices should grow in order to reduce the gap between the consumer and their food.

farmThe dirt smelled like wet clay and mud stuck to my fingers as I helped my parents pluck rocks from between truckloads of muddy potatoes. I was surrounded by the rhythmic sound of conveyor belts and machinery driving loads of potatoes back and forth across the farmyard.

I hopped between the machinery holding my two braids tightly in my hands. Dust filled the hot summer air, creating a thick grey blanket over our dog lying below the belts on those long, late harvest days.

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Calgary Journal's July food truck of the month

The Sugar Cube is a candy store on wheels.

SugarCubeAs a relatively new food truck on the scene, The Sugar Cube opened its window for the first time in May 2013, and from there it has gone on to gather quite a fan following with over 700 people liking this food truck on Facebook.

Alyssa Tilston, who founded The Sugar Cube, has operated the food truck in Calgary for over a year now.

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Helping refugees is in the hands of youth

Calgary school aims to engage students in the global community

Educating children on problems around the world is a top priority at the Calgary French & International School.

On World Refugee Day (June 20) the school held an event to help enlighten students to the difficulties of living a refugee life.

Chantelle Bourque — the event organizer — believes it is in the children's best interest to learn about such things.

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