Is technology stifling creative play in children?

Excessive screen time and a lack of outdoor play may limit childrens' creativity 

ThumbMalcolm Clarke, 7, has built the Calgary Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel Tower out of Lego - from memory. The feeling of accomplishment he gets from his hard work make him and his parents proud.

During a visit to Malcolm’s home, he sits in the basement surrounded by hundreds of pieces of Lego, his mind open to many possibilities. He wracks his brain for what he could build next. A building? A bridge? His eyes glimmer with an idea, and his hands get to work, fitting the grooves of the Lego pieces together.

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Chasing the 8

What does it take to survive 8 seconds on top of a bull? 

Bull-ThumbDust fills our nostrils as we wander into the arena, the MC warming up his lungs as he booms loudly over the PA system. Small clouds of dirt explode with each step as we make our way towards the Bull pens.

Bull Riders of all ages slowly trickle in. Soon the smell of cigarettes and sweat fills the air in the small shed that the riders begin to prepare in.

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Changing gears to make Calgary more cyclist friendly

City's experiment with bike-only lanes seems to be working

buchholzthumbnailPopularity of Calgary's bicycle lanes is at an all time high. According to the city of Calgary’s bike statistics, between June and November of 2015, 388,000 bike trips were recorded at just three of the city’s 13 downtown use counting stations. Ultimately, that reflects a 95 per cent increase in daily trips being made on bicycles throughout the city, compared to the previous year.

Of these cyclists, 97 per cent are aged 18-65, and 27 per cent of those same users are women.

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Bike safety awareness rising in Calgary

AMA and cycling organizations working with drivers and cyclists to make city roads safer for everyone

bikepatheditsCalgary road safety training and cycling advocates are collaborating to create solutions for cyclists and drivers to share the road. As the first anniversary of the downtown cycle track network approaches, initiatives amongst these groups are making safety a top priority.

City councillor Brian Pincott says the city has a strategy to increase cycling as a means of transportation, adding that new infrastructure like the cycle track, which is protected by a physical barrier from moving cars, and bike lanes that have no barriers, are being developed in order to ensure the safety of cyclists when sharing the roads.

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