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Prime minister’s first visit to Calgary since elected filled with pledges for Alberta’s energy sector


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Rachel Notley hosted a roundtable meeting with a group of industry leaders Thursday, and later spoke to reporters about the discussion at the downtown YWCA after touring the facilities.

“We’ve agreed that we’re going to work together in the coming years with industry to ensure that we are creating a pan-Canadian approach on building a strong economy and a protected environment without marginalizing or pointing fingers,” said Trudeau.

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Non-Christian inmates have a difficult time accessing appropriate spiritual support


The defeat of the federal Conservative Party in the October election has raised hope among prisoner’s rights advocates that the handling of minority religious services in the country’s prisons will be amended by the newly elected government.

According to multiple CBC reports, chaplaincy services were affected by the conservative government’s austerity agenda in 2012. The Tories decided not to renew the contracts of about 50 part-time non-Christian chaplains, planning to introduce an interfaith system in the prisons employing primarily Christian chaplains and community volunteers. However, the plans for the new system were widely unpopular, particularly among prisoner advocate organizations. The government then decided to outsource chaplaincy services to a private contractor.

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Lisa Raber is working with Fighting Against Anti-Semitism (FAST) to fight discrimination and bullying in high schools across the province

Thumbnail cut - Voice for ActionSuffering anti-Semitism as a child was a scary and frustrating experience for Lisa Raber. Born in 1969 in Winnipeg, she first experienced discrimination when she was nine years old in grade four.

Raber remembers attending a Jewish school across the street from a public school. The children from the public school would yell derogatory names across the fence such as; “dirty Jew” and “kike” during the recess. “It was very scary and it was irritating because there was nothing we could about it,” said Raber.

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Consultations being set to draft codes and standards for new legislation


With help from their sons, Sandra Desmet and her husband operate a grain and cattle farm on roughly 647.5 hectares just outside of Strathmore, an hour east of Calgary.

Theirs is among a large number of Alberta farm families confused and angered by
the recent passing of Alberta government farm safety legislation, known as Bill 6. Desmet is worried that new rules regarding farm work will jeopardize her family’s future involvement in the agriculture industry.

“At this point we are just wondering about what the actual legislation is going to be because they say they are going to consult us and we don’t know what that consultation is going to result in,” Desmet says.

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