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Are local foods really that local?

Consumers of local foods may not be eating as local as they think

CornthumbnailLocally grown and raised food is a trend in the restaurant world, including in Calgary. But local food advocates say the requirements for labelling food as local are not stringent enough.

Restaurant Canada's annual chef survey placed local food products and locally inspired dishes as its third hottest food trend this year, behind gluten-free foods and quinoa, a grain crop high in protein. Local foods made the list the two previous years as well.


Calgary emergency plan release date delayed until September

June 2013 Flood cited as the major delay in report being released

EastVillageIt turns out that the Calgary Emergency Management Agency's (CEMA) annual report won't be released until September.

The Calgary Journal reported in May that the annual report would be made public in June based on information received in an email from Sheila Johnstone, a City of Calgary media relations officer.

The report is usually released in the spring. The 2011 and 2012 reports both came out in April.


Fighting addiction demons without God

Growing non-religious population in need of more secular recovery groups

SecularDrugArt1Many popular drug recovery groups use religious methods to help addicts.

But that could be a problem for those people who aren't religious – a growing part of the population in both Canada and Calgary.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous are among some of those recovery groups with religion being part of its 12-step program.


Calgary remembers June 2013 flood

Nenshi, Hancock reflect on major natural disaster

RubberBootsCalgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said a few people asked him why we should commemorate a horrible event such as the first anniversary of the devastating June 2013 flood?

"We celebrate (the flood) in order to celebrate who we are. We celebrate our resiliency," Nenshi said to the crowd that attended the June 20 ceremony at Calgary City Hall— a location that was one of many affected by the disaster of a year ago.