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But Alberta government is trying to spur research and innovation during the downturn

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Canadian businesses are spending less and less money enterprise research (R&D) and development, but the Alberta government plans to spur innovation during the innovation.

Richard Hawkins, a professor in science, technology and innovation policy, says R&D is a key area for innovation, yet Canadian businesses don’t pursue the activity.

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AARC continues to change lives everyday


Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC) is a long term program for teens who struggle with addiction. Not only does AARC help troubled teens, they also provide support groups for parents. When an addiction is present, all members of the family will be affected in some way. The dedicated staff at AARC work towards finding a better path for those in need. AARC has recently started hosting education sessions throughout the community to inform and provide support for the public. AARC wants to stress that education is key when an addiction is present and support must come from all directions.

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A look back on the staggering death toll related to recreational use of this lethal opioid

FentanylIn 2015, the province saw a spike in deaths from fentanyl overdoses. The drug, commonly used as a strong painkiller, has become increasingly popular for recreational drug users in the past few years. But with an increase in popularity, there has also been an increase in lives lost.

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Students not applying for scholarships causes money to go to waste


Post secondary students strapped for cash have the option of applying for scholarships but statistics suggest millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unclaimed.

Mount Royal University broadcasting student Rylan Strachan has made a point of applying for support, and says scholarships have helped substantially.

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