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Alberta drug educators say today’s approaches are more effective, but improvements still need to be made

drugthumbnailFor decades, experts and politicians have tried to educate children about drug and alcohol use by concentrating on the message, “Just say no.”

Studies, however, show campaigns such as Project D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) had little to no impact. Experts say, once kids discovered that they could use drugs without dying or suffering permanent damage, they realized that much of what they were told about drugs was a lie.

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Province’s report on important river may understate risks for downstream residents

Athabasca ThumbAs it flows from the oilsands region towards Fort Chipewyan in northern Alberta, the Athabasca River appeared to be healthy this past winter.

“Right now everything is all frozen, and it all looks beautiful right now,” said Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in early March.

But the way he sees it, water beneath the ice is “the hidden grim reaper.”

First Nations people living along the river say the water is not the same as it was four decades ago, when they could safely drink and fish from it.

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Clinical trials on human patients are ongoing, and promising, at the University of Alberta

InsulinBloodA piece of technology is being forecast to provide many Type 1 diabetics with freedom from the disease for up to a year at a time. 

Though it won’t be widely available for some time, the device is currently undergoing clinical trials and results are promising according to Dr. James Shapiro, a researcher at the University of Alberta.

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Major facelift of 17th Avenue too disruptive for at least one business

 thumbnail copyIt’s a pretty rough ride down 17th Avenue these days, even for a seasoned Calgary driver.

Coming in from the east, making a right turn off First Street, S.E., you ponder the probability of your car veering up over the street-level curb as you navigate the bustling intersection of two exceptionally narrow roads in an effort to avoid less diligent drivers. Telephone wires crisscross overhead, cutting up what would have been a decent view of the downtown core as you head west. A pedestrian cuts in front of you on an otherwise invisible crossing.

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