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The 50th Battalion on the frontlines of history

Predominantly Calgarian regiment participated in many major First World War encounters.

50thBattalionBand themThe 50th Infantry Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) — later known, starting in 1946, as the King's Own Calgary Regiment —originated when the 103rd Calgary Rifles were formed in 1910, four years prior to the outbreak of the First World War.

Questions were raised about why a militia such as the 103rd Rifles needed to be raised, considering there really wasn't any real threat of invasion of another country. However, the unit was created because of fears of an invasion — an invasion of a different kind.


The legend of the “Fighting Tenth”

Largely Calgarian unit was an elite fighting force

SalisburyPlain webIt's clear that your regiment is quite special when comrades-in-arms give you nicknames such as "The Fighting Tenth" or "The Terrible Tenth."

The 10th Battalion, which was mobilized in Calgary on Sept. 22, 1914, was indeed a highly successful battalion through the course of the Great War, taking part in prominent engagements such as the second and third battles of Ypres, Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele to name a few.


Looking back on the First World War

Calgary historians reflect on the major global conflict also known as "The Great War"

Gunn thumEvery semester in the First World War class Stephane Guervemont teaches at Mount Royal University, the historian gives his students the same piece of advice on how to truly get a sense of what life was like in the trenches.

"I tell my students to dig a hole and go in there with your clothes — no pyjamas — just your regular day clothes, and have your parents throw a grenade at you and shoot at you with a machine gun every once in a while as you stay in there for months. That's trench life. It's incredible. It's hell."


City council rejects study detailing tax-increase effects on low-income Calgarians

Inventory of tax and utility relief programs does get the go-ahead

changemoneyCouns. Sean Chu's and Ward Sutherland's two-part tax motion was half successful when it was brought before city council members at their July 28 meeting.

In a unanimous vote it was agreed that the city should compile an inventory of programs that provide tax and utility relieffor Calgarians.

However, the second part of the motion was defeated in an 8-7 vote. That motion would have empowered administration to prepare a study outlining the impacts of tax and utility increases on low-income households when it comes to the council adjusting its budget.