Alberta flooding: out of sight, out of mind

Ever since the devastating flood of June 2013, the City of Calgary has been actively preparing for the next big wave.

The provincial government however, has been questioned on whether they are doing everything in their power to put flood prevention at the top of their priority list.

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Jeromy Farkas weighs in on why he left the Wildrose constituency to run for Calgary city council

Defeating the right-wing label

Jeromy Farkas, a member of the LGBTQ community and an environmentalist, has left the Wildrose Calgary-Elbow constituency to run for city council. He feels that the current city council members do not represent Calgary’s younger and more diverse demographic.

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Calgarians spend too much time stuck in traffic, says Statistics Canada

Figuring out how to get to school every day is an issue that every student has experienced. Some choose to tackle their homework on transit every day, while others take things into their own hands and battle with other drivers on the Deerfoot 500.

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Increase in emergency calls to Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter could be related to economic downturn.

The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter has experienced a sharp increase in calls to their helpline since the economic plunge.

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