The appeal of Glenmore Reservoir

Reservoir Canoes

Whenever I drive by the Glenmore Reservoir on my way to Mount Royal University, I risk a distracted driving ticket in order to sneak glance at the beautiful scenery. Framed by the Rocky Mountains, evergreens and the water usually reflecting a blue sky, the sight is breathtaking no matter the time of year. I always give myself time to be near water as it is the one place I can count on to clear my mind. Glenmore Reservoir is easily one of my favorite places in Calgary, regardless of the season.

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Lake brings back memories and conflicting emotions


Admittedly, I’ve never been one to easily grasp the notion of object permanence. The idea that things continue to exist without our express permission is simple enough to understand – but in practice, the fact that the world keeps spinning after we’ve gone is a little more substantial of a concept than I ever care to trouble myself with.

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Calgary’s hottest coffee shop for all ages

Higher Ground coffee shopLocated in Kensington, the cozy hipster Higher Ground is one of Calgary's hottest spots to chill and enjoy coffee, tea or snacks. Inside you'll find a vast demographic of business executives, college students and young teenagers. The customers agree that it’s a great place to slow down, relax and escape the hustle and bustle of cowtown's city life.

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Downtown park’s mellow vibe attracts joggers, bikers and more

rsz 1img 0968I have loved Prince’s Island Park since I was a kid.

 My family used to live right in front of the park, and we would spend our evenings walking around, playing, getting ice cream, and feeding the ducks.

Now that I’m older, I often find myself walking through the park with my friends

I love that Prince’s Island always has something interesting going on. I love watching the kind of people it brings, the trees, the sunset, sunrise, and the puppies that stroll through the park.

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