Calgary's Cobb's Corn Maze a treat for all ages

Produced by Jessica Brady

One of Calgary's newest attractions is Cobb's Corn Maze. East down 16th Ave is the hidden treasure filled with fun for every family.

It's a place I have fallen in love with. My daughter Joni and I have been there many times already. I'm a small town girl, and it feels like a fun farm within the bustle of the city.

Jo and I can spend the whole day or just a couple of hours at the Corn Maze. Everything from the food and games, to the mini activities: we always have a blast.

Often Cobb's has events such as the pumpkin patch during October. You can pick a pumpkin or just wander around, and look.

If you haven't checked it out I strongly suggest doing so. Cobb's is open again on July 31st.

Paddleboarding in the Bow Valley

Produced by Amara McLaughlin

A paddleboard on the local Canmore dam clutches Ha Ling Peak, Miner’s, East Rundle and the Three Sisters mountain glory at its westward facing bow, while rolling waves splash up and try to knock you off the board’s perfect balance with nature. 

Although the water is cold now from October’s first taste of snow, and the cycle of glacial runoff has been revived from its summer slumber. The autumn leaves suspended in the turquoise water are a reminder of your fiery passion for this place, and make that cold paddle forth worth every icicle. 

This is paddleboarding on the Canmore dam.    


Serenity of Edworthy Park after morning commute rush


Produced by Allison Badger

Biking, running, walking, and hiking are all activities one can engage in while visiting Edworthy Park. Not only does the extensive path system provide the endless opportunities for fitness, the Douglas Fir Trail on the south side of the Bow River allows for alternative exercise with a more in-depth connection to nature. The riverbanks are an excellent place to be close to the water, an area often enjoyed by dogs and their owners. This is one of my favourite places in Calgary as I grew up hiking on the trails, enjoying scenery and exercise with friends and family.

Quiet, natural and relaxing


Produced by Kelsey Solway

Weaselhead Park is one of Calgary's most natural spots that contain an abundant habitat. I consider it to be one of my favorite places because it is close to where I live and it's very beautiful in the fall. Instantly it feels like you are miles away from the city and the peaceful ambience takes away from the cities busy atmosphere. The wildlife is abundant and you get the sense of nature at its finest when you see beavers and ducks swimming in the marsh, and birds chirping in the sky. It's a great place to go year round.