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Culture shock: Bar owner brings South Korea to downtown Calgary

Sungki Lee, owner of Nanta, brings Korean karaoke fun to the YYC bar scene

Nanta ThumbnailWhen Sungki Lee, known by his friends as Ricky, first immigrated to Calgary, he had a horrible late night job serving fast food. Now he serves up his own food, while bringing a bit of his home culture to the city.

Sungki arrived to Calgary from South Korea through a work visa, earning his stay here by doing different jobs around the city.

"When I came to Canada it was to visit my brother. That was five years ago. I didn't even know how to speak English well."


Behind the Boa: Raven Virginia

Burlesque dancer reflects on the choices she's made and where she finds herself today

thumbnail burlesqueShe's a young, thin woman with elegant features, high cheekbones, not a smidge of make-up and brown hair rolled up in a bun.

Raven Virginia — a stage name she uses to protect her ability to work with kids and in theatre productions for children — looks a lot different than she does on stage. She's been dancing in burlesque shows since 2009, and has been passionate about it ever since she discovered The Garter Girls.


Marvel enthusiast turns to super heroes for comfort

In times of adversity and uncertainty; Marvel characters have been there for the one man who believes in them the most

Calvin-Zayonce ThumbnailCalvin Zayonce, 49, loves Marvel comics. Through his hard times in life, they've been the one refuge he could depend on to get him through the day.

Since birth, Zayonce knew he was different from the other kids. He didn't grow as tall as the other kids, he didn't walk like other kids and he was bullied nonstop all throughout his childhood until high school.

Calvin Zayonce is a dwarf.


Brushing into the makeup industry

Landon Marx finds his passion in helping others through makeup

LANDONMARXWhen approaching a makeup counter people don't often expect to be greeted by a man. But men can form deep connections with their customers without gender being an obstacle.

Landon Marx, 23, is pursuing a career in the makeup industry as an artist with MAC Cosmetics in Calgary. Creating inspiring moments forms the backdrop for his passion for makeup artistry, but when he first started working in the industry, he was stereotyped because of his gender and sexuality.

"Not only is it a male makeup artist stereotype, but it's a gay man makeup artist [stereotype]," Marx says.