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On stage he plays woodwind instruments, but behind the scenes he repairs them


Edgar spent decades in the business of fixing and repairing musical instruments, at one point running a shop of eight technicians. Now his life’s work fills every corner of a back room in his house, where he continues to fix flutes, clarinets and saxophones.

Dave Edgar remembers one of his earliest saxophone repair jobs: a farmer brought in a 1920s instrument that he had been keeping in the barn to play for the cows.

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How one southern Alberta rancher has come to coexist with the largest predator in the province

Screenthumb copy copyBruder goes over photos of some of the big bears he’s come across on his property. Photo by Andrew Gutsche.

When Twin Butte area rancher Tony Bruder noticed he was going through more feed for his cattle than usual, he knew something strange was going on.

“Them bulls were eating a lot of creep feed, I just couldn’t understand,” Bruder says. “I went down there one morning about daylight, and I just happened to be at the right time and place, and here’s a bear in the creep feeder. I thought, ‘Now that’s strange.’ So I got looking at him and I thought, ‘Now that’s a grizzly bear.’”

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President of AASRA does not let his disability define him

ShaneWestin ThumbnailShane Westin lost his leg 31 years ago following a serious car accident, but rather than seeing it as a setback, he views it as a positive turning point in his life.

The accident happened in the summer of 1984 when Westin fell asleep at the wheel while driving home one night.

“It was a single vehicle car accident,” he says. “I actually kind of dozed off at the wheel on a gravel road and when you wake up, you react quickly. When I dozed off, one wheel got into the ditch on the right side and I overcorrected. It flipped the vehicle and I got thrown out.”

The accident happened at around midnight but it wasn’t until approximately 6 a.m. that help came in the form of the man who ran the local road grader.

“He said he never went on that road because he didn’t like it but he said he just got this really strange feeling,” says Westin. “He just turned down that road and decided to take it for no reason that he could think of.”

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Through hard work and risk taking, she’s crafted social media into a successful career

Ania BonieckaGrowing up with a family experienced in the field, accounting seemed like the obvious career path for Polish-born Ania Boniecka. However, with years of modelling experience under her belt, she decided to quit number crunching and focus full-time on her fashion and lifestyle blog.

Boniecka and her family came to Canada in 1999, 10 years after her older brother had already immigrated. New to the country, Boniecka — then 13 — says she wasn’t really into sports and “never really had talents.”

“The only thing I had going for me was I was tall,” says Boniecka, who was 5’10" and had reached full height at 13, and began modelling a year later.

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