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Celebrating Teacher's Day with a look at the life of one local educator exploring the art of creative connection with his students


“Hey, how’s it going guys?” It’s the first thing that you’ll hear when you walk into room 1053 at Chestermere High School – every time, without fail. It’s the familiar greeting of Paul Beseau, the school’s resident artist mastermind. The question is pointed but not intrusive, casual but still calculated; your answer always seems to tell him everything he wanted to know. He asks you because he legitimately cares. You’re in his charge now. This is his playground, his sanctuary. This is the art room.

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Toronto-based label Peace Collective supports world hunger through fashion

DSC 1043The fashion industry is a fast and furious business — as the famed Project Runway catch phrase goes, “One minute you’re in and the next you’re out.”

Longevity and brand recognition are key to any startup company. Popularity usually reflects how much profit a brand will generate, and for most new fashion labels profits can trail slowly behind.

With so much uncertainty in a seemingly glamorous industry, many fashion companies will wait for some financial stability before they embark on philanthropic causes.

However, for Toronto-based label Peace Collective, the blueprints for a clothing line with an equal focus on giving back were drawn up from conception.

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Street wear brand, Atelier New Regime raises cultural awareness through design

anr fw lookbook 7 thumbA large metropolitan city like Montréal boasts sights, cuisine, art, architecture, nightlife and an amazing fashion scene.

After spending six weeks in Montréal, it is evident that fashion is a huge component of what makes this city stand out. Similar to New York and even the growing fashion scene in Calgary, street style is an indication of trends that have really taken off in fashion.

And what’s more impressive is a fashion brand that is able to spread awareness through a popular trend.

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The new age of digital media is causing a rise in couples attempting to stay connected through the screen

newlove1No one said love was easy, and for Colleen Berner, 20, and Brendan Nickles, 22, adding a few thousand miles between themselves has made it even harder.

Nickles returned to St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish in September 2014 while business major Berner continued studying at Mount Royal University.

During an interview last November, the couple shared their positive and negative views of staying connected through screens.

It is an emotional rollercoaster to maintain love across nearly all of Canada, but Berner and Nickles have made it work. Tears were shed when they were asked: What is the best part of your relationship?

"The best thing about our relationship is how we are just so light-hearted and how we always laugh at things, even though we're sad and miss each other we always are trying to make each other feel better about it," Nickles said.

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