Please welcome to the stage, Christian Hudson

How the summer of 2015 marked a turning point in Christian Hudson’s musical career

HudsonThumb18-year-old Christian Hudson stood on stage at the 2015 Calgary Stampede Talent Search preparing to perform, having never been to a guitar or singing lesson in his life.

Hudson had already made it through to the finals and would soon play his last performance in front of hundreds of listeners and a panel of judges.

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Young Calgarian Mitch Belot puts a modern spin on blues

From performing solo at local venues to a sold-out JunoFest show with his band, the up-and-coming artist has a promising future ahead

Belot Playing thumbChatting over a coffee in the performing arts area of Mount Royal University, Calgary blues singer Mitch Belot reminisces about the first gig he ever played with his band, just a year prior.

It was the CD release party for the Mitch Belot Band, a local group that describe their sound as ‘swampy blues rock’ with a few alternative and country elements. Held in a tiny tasting room in the upstairs of Village Brewery in March 2015, lead singer Belot says this first gig with the band was his greatest performance to date.

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Stephen’s Backpacks has a superhero

Behind the boy with a dream is a mother making it happen

IMG Backpacks ThumbThe doorbell and phone were constantly ringing, and backpacks piled up everywhere. There was a buzz. An excitement. A headline read Airdrie Boy’s Initiative is Outstanding Success. Everyone was catching onto Stephen McPhee, the five-year-old boy with autism that had a dream to help children in need. But behind the boy with a dream was a mother determined to make that dream come true. That mother is Nancy McPhee. And that mother has lived that surprises most.

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Ben Puts the love in coffee

Ben Put’s love for coffee led him and his business partners to open Monogram coffee – and it’s only getting bigger

BenPutsBen Put, Jeremy Ho and Justin Eyford opened Monogram Coffee in 2014 to share their love of coffee. Their first location in Altadore was a huge success, so they decided to expand and open a second Monogram downtown in order to reach a wider clientele and get a taste of a faster paced environment.

After training dozens of new baristas and spending countless hours planning, their downtown location became a reality.

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