Mixing melody with nature: Julia Millen's remarkable journey from nature interpreter to musician

Julia Millen recalls walking from the staff residences in Bow Valley Provincial Park, out to the highway, in that deep darkness that settles far from the lights of any town. She was a park interpreter – but on this evening in the late 1980s, she wasn’t looking for wildlife.

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Wrinkles in love: Exploring the secret to long-lasting love through audio storytelling

 Wrinkles in Love is a three-episode podcast produced by three young journalists wanting to know:

What makes love last?

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Calgary: Home to the world’s greatest real estate agent

Two phone calls changed Calgary real estate agent Wasim Elafech’s life.

Elafech was driving his kids home from school on a Friday afternoon in January, when he received the first call from his employer Century 21, the largest real estate company in the world.

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How Canadian Comedian Jon Lajoie is making the shift from funny to folksy

When someone mentions the names Bill Burr, Jerry Seinfeld, or Jon Lajoie, the last thing that comes to mind is seriousness.

These are all successful comedians who thrive in the ridiculous nature of life, and who have built their careers off jokes. However, Lajoie is now breaking off from his very successful career in comedy to pursue the world of serious music.

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