Merchant navy veteran keeps his memories afloat

Thomas Conrick dreamt of becoming a sailor ever since he was a little boy, which led him to enlist in the merchant navy during the Second World War. During his time in the navy, Conrick lost most of his friends and developed numerous health problems, yet he still recalls his experience at war as some of the best years of his life.

Now 89, Conrick shares his experiences with his family and through volunteering at the Calgary Military Museum.

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Boudoir model fights back online bullying

Boudoir model Ashley Resch, 20, is using her personal experience to speak out on the issue of bullying and sexualisation online.

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Hello, how do you brew?

Beer is what Village Brewery knows. 

But for the five-year-old microbrewery started in Calgary by five guys, they strive to remain true to the community and give back while they begin expanding their brand into other parts of Alberta.

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The King of Calgary: Will Reeb’s tribute to Elvis

The Beginning

As a teenager, Will Reeb made his first Elvis jumpsuit with his sister using a generic pattern and bell-bottom pants.

Over 40 years and 20 jumpsuits later, Reeb still dons the King’s wardrobe, now as his full-time work uniform.

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