Friendly rivalries and flying paint

Paintball grows as a sport while promoting an inclusive community atmosphere

ThumbWhile many view paintball as little more than a game, a fun way to spend a birthday or a bachelor party, to many in Alberta it is much more. It is a competitive sport, a community, a way of life.

It’s a community with a subtle balance between fierce competition and loyal friendship. There are a number of competitive leagues and tournaments in Alberta for all ages and skill levels.

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Playing outside the lines with these alternative summer sports

Paintball, axe throwing and plenty of reasons to try something a bit different

ThumbTired of dusting off the same old sports equipment year after year? Throwing the same football, or hitting the same baseballs year after year gets old quick, so why not try out some sports and outdoor activities that take the action to the next level?

Summer is short in Alberta, much to the dismay of outdoor sports lovers and anyone who enjoys the sunshine. There is only so much time to get out and try all the exciting things going on in the summer sun, and for those getting bored of the same sports year after year, here are a few ideas that might go a long way to making the summer more exciting.

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Elite athletes struggle for financial support

Despite the funding available, many competitors still find it hard to support themselves while continuing in their sport

elitethumbnailDuring the summer of 2008, Thomas Hall placed first in the sprint canoeing World Cup competition in Duisburg, Germany, securing his spot at the Beijing Olympics, where he would go on to win a bronze medal for Team Canada.

It was a moment he would remember for the rest of his life, and had taken 8 years of hard work to achieve.

Representing Canada on the podium at an international level brought him sponsorship, and a generous bonus from the Canadian Olympic Committee, but proved to not be enough to pay the bills.

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CIS hockey stepping up its game with elite coaches

No league seems to be off the table for Canadian Interuniversity Sport programs when looking for their next head coaching hire

Coaching FiveCollege sports in the United States are much more lucrative compared to their Canadian counterparts In part, this is because college sports in the U.S. are heavily supported financially, and winning is the ultimate goal. But men’s hockey programs at the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) circuit take winning just as seriously.

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