Calgary celebrates Valentines Day

Love and happiness are in the sweet Chinook air.
This year's Valentine's Day offers Calgarians more than just flowers, chocolates, and a dinner reservation. Cupid's day offers singles and couples alike a chance to reflect on the significant people in their lives and how they could show their affection. This February, students from Mount Royal University hit the streets in search of what the Valentine's Day spirit looks like in Calgary. As students talked to couples and singles, people shared their stories and advice on love and what they appreciate most about love.
For Ruth and Charles Westenberger, who are celebrating their 53rd year of marriage, "True love is when you make mistakes and you get forgiven for it."
For others, like Sarah Kluke and Alex Bruvels, love has a very different feel. Bruvels says, "We're still living in sin."
For the most part, Calgarians feel Valentine's Day is a day to kick back, relax, and show gratitude for the special people in their lives.
For your enjoyment, here are what some Calgarians had to say about Valentine's Day.