The vanishing point

In 2006, Jessie Foster disappeared. Eight years later, her family is still haunted


The volunteers mingle inside the small trailer in Las Vegas, Nev., as a coffeepot brews quietly in the background. They take their seats as Shannon Forsythe with Run 2 Rescue, an American organization aimed at restoring victims of sex trafficking, details the day's events.

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Calgary family recalls pain of raising children in U.S.

Lesbian mothers say move to Calgary provided safety and security


For the Yates-Laberge family the coverage of the Sochi 2014 Olympics was a reminder of the discrimination they once faced when raising children in the U.S.

“I guess we never understood the level of hatred,” says Anne Yates-Laberge. The couple resided in New Hampshire eight years ago.

Anne had adopted their son Andrew from Ukraine, while Claire had adopted Adam from the Republic of Georgia. Each woman worked through the respective adoptions individually because as a couple, they were not legally allowed to adopt children.

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A different kind of brain wiring

How a man with Asperger Syndrome sees the world

Produced by Zoe Choy 

Growing up, Mitchell Roberts always knew he was different.

He had a particular way of interacting with others, and a colourful way of thinking.

"I never really considered myself that normal. You just know when you're kind of different, like cognitively, you really do. It's a prevalent thing, it affects every facet of your life, so you know," the 25-year-old University of Calgary student says.

Roberts was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (AS) a type of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) most commonly affecting social functions.

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The demise of women's skateboard competitions

 The exposed world of Calgary's female skateboard community after its last competition.

Produced by Amara McLaughlin

Tasheena Dunn remembers the excitement she felt when she discovered a flyer for the See Jane Skate Competition in 2007 while buying skate shoes at West 49 — a skateboard shop — in Calgary.

The competition was the first and only all-female skateboard event in Calgary.

"I remember seeing the flyer and thinking this is amazing, I've never seen anything like this before being an avid skateboarder for most of my life," says Dunn, who became involved in organizing the event.

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