Calgary Endurocross not just for boys

16-year-old Lexi Pechout dominates men's motocross racing and inspires younger girls

Produced by OLIVIA GRECU

Lexi Pechout is a rising star in the male-dominated world of endurocross, a highly technical and extreme motorcycle event.

Endurocross combines multiple disciplines of off-road motorcycle racing with obstacles riders must overcome such as logs, boulders, pits of split wood and mud. In order to complete a race, competitors must be expert technical riders and beyond that, they must be in top physical and mental condition.

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Calgarians attempt to set record for world’s largest speed dating event

Valentine's Day event draws 650 people


It's Valentine's Day, and hundreds of men and women mill around the Telus Spark science centre awaiting the first event of its kind in Calgary — the world's largest speed dating session.

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Yoga as a path to self discovery

Yogi works hard to connect with herself, passing that gift onto others

Produced by SARAH COMBER

Breathing is an inherent part of our lives, a small bodily function that gives us life and something that the majority of us do without even noticing.

For yogi Alice Hong, focusing on the breath has become an integral part of her lifestyle and career. Pranayama — breath practice in Sanskrit — is one of the levels to a yoga practice; a yoga practice that Hong has had in her life for ten years.

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Calgary seen as unromantic city

Amazon ranking shows no love for Cowtown

Produced by MAX SHILLETO

Calgary ranked a disappointing 13th in a list of the most romantic Canadian cities.

The rankings, which were published by popular online shopping site,, listed Calgary as the lowest Albertan city on the list – behind Lethbridge (4th), Edmonton (9th) and Red Deer (11th). The list was based off of online sales data from the website which tallied romantic themed products such as romance and relationship novels, romantic comedy movies and CDs of artists such as Michael Bublé and Dean Martin.

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