5 steps to maximize your Tinder experience and get a hot date

Finding a date is hard enough. That’s why I decided to download Tinder and never looked back. Follow me through the steps of my latest Tinder experience. Featuring Eric Peterson, a random right swipe. Produced by Lexi Wright.

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Keeping knitting modern

Moving beyond your grandma’s sweater. Produced by Sarah Allen.

Nobody knows more about keeping knitting modern than the owner and crafter of the brand Knitatude in Calgary, Chantal Miyagishima.

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Video: Should you give money to panhandlers?

Giving money may not be the answer to helping the homeless but there are other ways that you can help them get back on their feet. Produced by Amy Simpson & Jolene Rudisuela

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Mount Royal University plans to implement Indigenous courses as requirement for graduation

Mount Royal University won’t see any official changes regarding indigenous courses for another year or two, with full implementation expected by 2020.  
Produced by Nicole Auger

Indigenous courses as a requirement for graduation may be in the future for Canadian Universities, or at least for one Alberta University.

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