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We all know the world we live in is constantly evolving, but how we respond to that evolution depends on whom we ask and what has been done before.

Based on feedback from a Calgary Journal community engagement research project, we’ve redesigned the face of – and we think you’ll like it.

The advantage of being online means we can provide you with photo galleries, video clips, links for more information and continual updates on popular issues — all things we plan to produce for you on this new site. We’ve also got a Facebook page and Twitter account, where you can find updates about breaking stories and upcoming features.

While our focus strongly remains on reporting about the people, issues and events that shape our city, we picked up on some key points that you, our readers, suggested would make us your number one choice for community news.

One of the biggest things you told us was you wanted more positive news — so we’ve stamped our feel-good stories with JOI (Journalism Optimism Initiative) and in weeks to come we’ll have a whole section dedicated to those incredible Difference Makers in our city. The new Eclectic section offers quirky stories about what gives Calgary that unique feel — the people who dare to be different and things that fly under the radar.

You told us that health, families and local politics are things you’d like to read more about. The new Healthy Living tab offers stories on things like health news and fresh fitness tips; while the Family Life section provides a new look at relationships of all sorts, from all backgrounds.

With News You Can Use, our reporters offer practical tips on everything from how to host a great dinner party to spicing up your workout routine with some Indian flavour. Our Things to Do section is filled with all kinds of activities and upcoming events, so you’ll never again have to say there’s nothing to do in this bustling city.

Old favorites, like sports and arts, are still featured and news can be found under the Our City tab. Our opinion section has been renamed Calgary Voices — fitting, we feel, because these are the stories coming straight from the mouths of Calgarians, aimed at facilitating more conversation around topics important to our city.

As you can see, we’ve taken your response to heart and hope you’ll like where we’re taking the publication. Our Calgary Journal print counterpart has also undergone changes, and the first edition hits newsstands Oct. 5, so be sure to grab a copy near you.

And as always, we value your feedback, so be sure to get in touch. After all, we’re here for you.

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Tessa Clayton,

A guide to new logos on

Stamping Stories that Matter


The “DM” stamp signifies the story is about an individual who is making a positive difference in our community.


Audience research suggests you are looking for news you can use – stories that offer practical tips and information you can press into action.

JOI copy

 The “JOI” stamp is our way of highlighting stories that convey a journalism of hope and optimism.



 “Dare us” is all about readers daring our reporters to try something new.

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