Nexen employees slip into tights and capes to raise money for United Way

Superman6 thumbIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! On Sept. 28, 437 Nexen employees changed into Superman outfits to break the Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Superman.

The record was a fitting way to kick off Nexen’s “Be a Superhero” campaign, which aims to raise over $1 million for United Way.

Superman2 smallNexen employees break world record as “Most People Dressed as Superman.”

Photo by: Courtney Urbani Chantal Nicholson, senior campaign manager with United Way, was extremely impressed with the success of the event.

“It’s just spectacular. It’s such a great way to re-energize the campaign and the turnout today just blew everyone away,” she said. “It is such an impact to see so many people come together for one cause.”

The 437 employees decked out in full tights and capes gathered in the Nexen courtyard in downtown Calgary during their lunch hour while they were counted.

Bruce Louie, volunteer coordinator for the campaign, said he is happy to be part of such a great cause and that the event is the perfect way to raise awareness.

“It was identified that the reason people didn’t donate last year was because people didn’t know the campaign was going on,” said Louie, “We thought a great way to bring awareness was to try and break this world record and we smashed it.”

Every year the United Way has a big campaign to raise money for their cause and many Calgary companies get involved.

Superman4 smallNexen Superman event raises money for United way.

Photo by Courntey Urbani
Nicholson added that last year there was a theme created around being a superhero for your community and the Superman event stemmed from the idea.

“I feel awesome to be a part of this,” said Nicholson. “It makes me feel proud to work where I do and to be able to partner with a company with such spirit.”

Marvin Romanow, president of Nexen, accepted the Guinness certificate on behalf of his staff.

“It is such an outstanding turnout and it really highlights the importance of the United Way in our community and the extent we are prepared to go to create some awareness and excitement,” said Romanow. “I’m so impressed with everyone who participated and with the United Way and the work they do.”

He then jokingly asked the Nexen staff if the Superman suits had given them x-ray vision to spot any accumulation of oil sub-surface that he should know about.

Nexen stated it will match every dollar donated by employees.

Last year Nexen raised $1.4 million for the United Way and are hoping to beat that number over the next two weeks of the campaign.

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