Local family shoots and scores, on their unicycles

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A ball spins across the pavement as a few boys scramble to retrieve a beat up hockey net, and get it out of the way of an oncoming car. A game of street hockey is a common sight during warm weather, but the Smith family puts their own twist on it.

Rather than running around playing the game, the Smiths play street hockey while riding atop their unicycles.

When the weather allows, Patrick, Christopher and their father Greg Smith will often set out a hockey net in the middle of the street. They then head back to their house to retrieve helmets, hockey sticks, and their signature unicycles.

The Smiths are well known in the neighbourhood for their ability to make riding a unicycle seem like the easiest thing in the world. Greg began teaching his children how to ride a unicycle a few years ago, and they quickly picked up the skill.


Greg Smith rides his unicycle around the block with his son and daughter.
Photo by: Arielle Berze

He even taught his wife to ride one. Although she still hasn’t quite picked up the ability to ride on a one-wheeled, no-handled unicycle, Ingrid Smith enjoys seeing her family ride around the block.


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