Glorious, glorious food

When you go to the supermarket, you can find anything you want in a box – food is processed, chemically altered and coloured until it’s unrecognizable from its original form, and all nutrients present in the natural food tend to disappear. Food is often microwaved and then scarfed down without a thought for nutrition or flavour. 

We seek a return to stand over the stove – eat from the jar – finger-licking good – food.

Who’s writing the blog? 

I’m Silvia Pikal, the Calgary Voices web editor, and along with the Our City print editor, Laura Lushington, we hope to bring you helpful resources, mouthwatering recipes and quick tips that will help you on your journey to healthy eating.

While I don’t eat any animal products, and try to avoid white sugar and white flour when I can, that doesn’t mean my diet is lacking in variety or taste; in fact quite the opposite! Some of my favourite foods include a creamy mushroom and barley risotto with truffle salt, thin crust pizza piled high with veggies, homemade pesto and homemade tomato sauce, and of course, desserts, like pumpkin gingerbead and bourbon pecan pie. Subbing cane sugar for white sugar, and spelt flour for white flour are small changes that make a dessert substantially healthier, yet still absolutely delicious. 

Photo by: Silvia Pikal.

Since stressed is desserts spelled backwards, there will be a lot of that!

I’m passionate about whole foods and nutrition, so I hope to bring you delicious recipes and change the perception that healthy vegan food is bland or boring. 

Laura here! Unlike Silvia, I still do eat some animal products, although my body is slowly telling me that it doesn’t like them anymore. I understand that being vegetarian or vegan isn’t right for everyone, but I encourage everyone to try it a few times a month.

In my posts, I will highlight some easy ways to add veg dishes to your diet including my favourite salads and vegan snacks (especially baked goods as I’m a sucker for muffins and scones). I will also be looking at how eating differently can change the way your body behaves – in my case, when I removed most of the dairy from my diet, I became lactose-intolerant.

What to expect 

Stay tuned for Laura’s list of resources for those curious about going vegan or vegetarian, or who simply want to eat healthier. Next week look out for Silvia’s recipes on what to do with those Thanksgiving and Halloween pumpkins – pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie! 

We believe a healthy meal shouldn’t take a big bite out of your budget or time.

Photo by: Silvia Pikal.

Here we’ll encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new – we hope to showcase vegan, ethnic, and allergy-sensitive foods high in nutrition and full of flavour!

Healthy and delicious meals shouldn’t have to take three hours to prepare or be ridiculously expensive. We’ll showcase quick and easy meals that shouldn’t eat your time or budget – meals that can be whipped up when you’re in a hurry – and desserts you can stir together in a bowl in 5 minutes, leave in the oven and go.

We know that many people have food allergies, so we hope to offer gluten-free, soy free, and nut free recipes as well. 

Whether you identify as an vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, and whether your idea of dinner is a bag of chips or a whole wheat pizza stacked with veggies, you’re welcome here! 

Feel free to contact us! 

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