Sunday Omony donates time to charities when not on runway

thumb Photo2WEBIn a world filled with pressure on women to look a certain way and be a certain size, 26-year-old Sunday Omony is helping to make the statement that being curvy is a beautiful thing.

Wearing a dress size 14, Omony has accomplished much in her career as a plus-size model. She has been featured in magazines across Europe, Africa and North America and has most recently been published in Vogue Italia.

Omony, a Calgarian born in Uganda, says that although the media still loves the “stick-thin” image, plus-size modeling is here to stay.

“I think women want to see more diverse shapes and sizes featured on the runway and in magazines,” Omony says.


Sunday Omony says she is proud of the way she looks.
Photo by: Bryce Murdoch

Although Omony is confident in her body and has an incredibly successful career, it wasn’t always this way.

“Becoming a model was a struggle for me, especially when my body started to change,” Omony says. “I put lots of pressure on myself to lose weight. I felt like a failure and wanted to give up when I didn’t accomplish my goal to be thin again.”

Now Omony has grown to accept and love her body the way it is.

“When I was 16 years old, I was a girl, but now I am a woman with beautiful curves. I am content with the way I look,” Omony says. “I love my body.”

With her creamy brown skin, chocolate eyes and vivacious curves, Omony is not only seen as gorgeous on the outside, but many who know her also describe her as beautiful on the inside.

Omony has a huge list of causes that she contributes her time to. One of them is the Feed 1 project, for which she is an ambassador. The goal of the project is help end world hunger.

David Kabbashi from the organization says Omony is full of passion and will stop at nothing to help people in need.

Omony is also the spokesperson for Hearts 4 Peace, which promotes peace in families and workplaces and is the founder of the youth empowerment campaign, We Can Rise Up!

 “I love my body.”
— Sunday Omony

“I enjoy raising awareness about global hunger and the plight of refugees, and supporting peace-building initiatives,” Omony says.

David Boddy has known Omony since Grade 7 and says that she has always been caring and outgoing. “While I was going through bullying, she was always the first person to be there for me,” he says.

Omony continues to shine her spirit on women struggling with their body images. Her message to women of all shapes and sizes is: “Be proud of your body. Treat your body with care and accept yourself because you are beautiful.”

As for the future of plus-size modelling, Omony says it looks quite bright.

“Diversity is becoming what’s beautiful. I want all shapes and sizes to be featured on the runway, magazines and media.”

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