Calgary Hitmen games give parents and kids a chance to let loose

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A lot of people in Calgary love watching Flames games, but for those of us looking for a more affordable, relaxed environment, the Calgary Hitmen may be the place to go.

For Kevin Kernaghan, it’s the perfect night out for his family.

“It’s a little more relaxed than a Flames game,” Kernaghan said. “For the average family, it is affordable and the atmosphere is great for the kids.

“To spend the money on Flames tickets with my kids at the age they are, just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense,” Kernaghan said.

To compare costs, a Calgary Flames lower-bowl seat would run anywhere from $160 to $250, while the same Hitmen seat would be around $30.

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That means six people could go to a Hitmen game for the same price as one person going to a Calgary Flames game, and still have $20 left over for snacks and drinks.Calgary Hitmen games are fun for the whole family and much cheaper than a Calgary Flames game.
Photo by: Derrick Newman

Both Kernaghan’s daughter Victoria, 11, and his son Daniel, 9, play hockey, and he said going to a live game is a great experience for them.

“They can be loud,” Kernaghan said. “Rarely are they in an environment where they can let loose and go wild without a parent telling them to calm down.

“I just enjoy going to the game and watching the kids go crazy.”

Victoria, Kernaghan’s daughter, said that she just likes being able to go to the games.

“I like watching them play and the excitement,” Victoria said.

Daniel, on the other hand, said one word: “Scoring.”

At a recent game, Courtney Daponte, a first-time attendee, watched with her fiancée, Kojo Baako, and their 15-month-old boy, Daegany Baako.

“This is our first time here, so I think he’s just interested in everything that’s happening around him,” Daponte said of her son. “It’s great for him.”

Kernaghan said that although he is a fan of hockey, it isn’t about watching hockey anymore; it’s about the kids.

“I don’t think that kids going crazy and jumping up on the glass is really encouraged at Flames games,” Kernaghan said. “I think [the Flames are] more of an adult crowd, so the Hitmen are more conducive for that.”

“It’s a good family atmosphere.”

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