Vancouverites wrap up their latest tour before heading back to the studio

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Versus The Nothing, an up-and-coming Canadian rock band, has hit the road again for another international tour, and it is set to come to Calgary April 13.

The Vancouver-based band describes itself on its website as “post-punk infused grunge rock.”

The band started its most recent tour on Feb. 17 in Vancouver and the tour finishes April 14 in Kamloops, B.C.

The three-month tour was dubbed “The Grindstone Tour” because “Some days touring feels like a grind, and some days it’s good,” said Ande Otte, the band’s vocalist and guitarist with a laugh.

“It’s not always glamorous,” he said.

The band’s last tour, which has concert dates all across Canada and the United States, will be the last before hitting the studio again. The next album will be the second full-length record released since placing in the top three of the 2008 Fox Seeds radio contest.

Otte said the band’s latest album has a more mature sound than its debut album, Let It All Come Down, released in 2008.

“We’ve toured and lived the music, and I feel like the songs are a lot stronger, and there’s a lot more that we can write about,” Otte said.

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Canadian rock band Versus The Nothing will be in Calgary on April 13 playing at the Blind Beggar Pub.
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Since its last full-length album, the band released the Black Gloves extended play (EP) on July 19, 2011, which featured Mike Fraser on the first single. He has worked with bands like AC/DC and Metallica.

The band has gained quite a large fan base both nationally and internationally through its extensive touring. Fans agree that Versus The Nothing is a band to look out for.

After their show in Fairborn, Ohio, fan Michael Woolworth wrote on the band’s Facebook page, “One Eyed Jacks had their doors blown right off, way to go guys. That was bad ass.”

Another fan, Kimsan Ry, who attended the show in Stockton, California wrote, “I would love to see you guys again; you really rocked!”

But, the band is not only getting recognized by fans – it has had songs featured with Mazda, a Tom Green film and the official 2010 Olympic Xbox and PS3 video game.

Of its new-found popularity, vocalist Ross Archibald said: “It’s been fantastic. It’s all about the fans.”

You can catch Versus The Nothing playing at the Blind Beggar Pub in Calgary on April 13.

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