The cooking industry can be difficult but Liana Robberecht has pushed through to become a head chef.

Screen-shot-2012-12-10-at-2.25.34-PMChef Liana Robberecht is a busy woman. While she is the head chef at the Calgary Petroleum Club; she also sells her paintings and has her own girls accessory line. She has made a name for herself in the male-dominated culinary industry.

Robberecht says she is a very creative person and she always loved cooking but it has been a long haul to get to where she is today. Even though the industry was tough, she never once thought of quitting.

She says the culinary industry can be hard for anyone but especially for women because there are sacrifices that you will have to make because it involves working long hours.

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It took Robberecht “a long time” to get established.

“I was very education driven, experience driven. I knew building a strong foundation would give me a good platform later,” she says.

She has took professional cooking at NAIT, and then took apprenticing at SAIT.

Robberect has also trained in Pastry Arts at Dubrelle French Culinary School in Vancouver.

Robberecht works with other female chefs at the Calgary Petroleum Club and is an advocate for women in the industry.

She says she is always taking classes to learn and grow her skills. These classes have helped her get to where she is today.

She says she knew her first day of culinary school she was going to go far in the industry. She says she was so naïve that failure was not an option.

“I love cooking, cooking has been very good for me,” she says.

“Someone asked me once if I could do something else what would I do, and I still can’t answer that question.” 

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