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Super Bowl XLVII, or “Ray Lewis’ last ride” as many are calling it, is just a day away.

But this game has more storylines than just the retirement of Lewis, a Baltimore Ravens linebacker, whose team will be facing off against the San Francisco 49ers.

For starters, the Harbaugh brothers will be first brothers to face off as opposing head coaches in a Super Bowl.

The question will be whether younger brother, Jim — who coaches the 49ers and is considered the best young coach in the National Football League — can match strategy with older brother John. After all, John already knows what it takes to win the big game, having done so with the Ravens in 2000.

Next, there’s the question of whether NFL commissioner Roger Goodell superbowlThe Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers will battle it out in New Orleans for the Super Bowl title.

Photo courtesy of RMTip21 / Flickr.comwill be seen wandering around Super Bowl XLVII host city New Orleans after imposing stiff penalties on the community’s beloved team, the Saints.

And if Goodell does make a public appearance on Bourbon Street, how will the locals treat the man that many feel ruined the Saints season?

Lastly, there is the mysterious naming of Jerome Boger as the game’s head referee. Last week, the New York Times published an article that raised questions over whether Boger was the most qualified official to do the job.

Time will tell if the NFL’s new secret and controversial rating system for choosing the referees will play a role in the outcome, or whether the players will decide the game’s final score.


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