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Event covers fitness, nutrition and local business

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“It will affect your mood. It will affect your energy and it will effect how happy you are overall,” said Tommy Europe, host of the reality show The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp, referring to how health can affect your life.

Europe is just one of the many presenters hosting a seminar at the 6th annual Health Show at the BMO Centre here in Calgary, March 23-24.

The trade show is meant to encourage healthy living for Calgarians and has “everything for everyone,” said Virginia Ritchie, producer of this years show. “It will have the latest vitamins and supplements, as well as all the latest products, trends, fitness equipment as well as pain treatments.”1 copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copyTommy Europe will lead a seminar at the Calgary Health Show March 23-24 at the BMO. Centre. The show runs 10-6 both days and tickets are $10.

Photo courtesy of Cathy Tippett/Calgary Health Show

The show is intended to be an all ages event and Ritchie feels Calgarians will get a lot out of the show.

“I think this is unique because it covers so many aspects of being healthy,” she said. “We have amazing exhibitors come to these shows and they truly care and can’t wait to meet the guests.”

Europe is one of those exhibitors, and is excited for the opportunity to show his knowledge of healthy living to Calgarians.

To help alleviate health issues, Europe has put together a program called, “4 Weeks To a New You”, that he thinks can help people who don’t have time for fitness.

“I would always hear: ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m traveling’ or ‘I’m working’. We make tons of excuses but all it really takes is putting everything together,” he said. “I tried to do it in a straight-forward simple way so people can know what they need to do.”

“People can make better choices and more informed decisions.”

But the Health Show isn’t just about fitness. One of the many other presenters at this show, Dr. Derek Cook, is an expert in naturopathic medicine.

1 copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copyThe Health Show isn’t just about fitness. One of the many other presenters at this show, Dr. Derek Cook, is an expert in naturopathic medicine

Photo courtesy of Cathy Tippett/Calgary Health Show
His work focuses on alleviating the effects of seasonal allergies, something that Dr. Cook, is very familiar with.

“I was at a point where I wanted to tear my eyes out and rip out my throat because they were so inflamed,” he said. “I didn’t want to eat because it was hard to swallow.”

Dr. Cook’s approach to battling those allergies is to focus on using dietary and lifestyle strategies rather than pharmaceuticals.

But if your not looking for your own health and fitness answers, the show, according to Ritchie, has some other answers for you as well.

“There’s even pet health there,” she said.

Disclosure: The Calgary Health Show has provided the Calgary Journal with free booth space at this event. 

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