End of lease could force wedge between home-brewing club and company

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Every month the Cowtown Yeast Wranglers meet in the back of the Wild Rose Brewery.

The Wranglers, Calgary’s largest home-brewing club, get together to discuss recipes, share beer and conversation, and sometimes hear lectures about brewing tips and techniques.

Home brewing is becoming more popular in Calgary, and the Wranglers are always welcoming new members. The Wild Rose Brewery has been sponsoring the group by giving them space for meetings, as well as hosting an annual brewing competition and Gala. And the two sides have even collaborated on a unique beer that Wild Rose packaged and sold.

But Wild Rose is facing a move that could affect its relationship with the Wranglers. The lease at Currie Barracks is set to run out in January 2014, and the brewery is planning on moving to a new home in Calgary’s South East.

“Unfortunately we are going to be forced to leave this location.” Brian Smith, director of brewing operations at Wild Rose, says.

“But we very much want to continue our relationship with the Yeast Wranglers.”

Meetings happen at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month at Wild Rose Brewery.


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