Calgarians turn out to enjoy a taste of the Carribean

Taste of Jamaica volunteerLast month, the annual Taste of Jamaica celebration marked 20 years of cultural traditions as about 1,000 people enjoyed the music, food and cultural event earlier this spring.

The taste of Jamaica is one of a growing number of cultural festivals that highlight Calgary’s increasingly multicultural makeup, and helped kick off Calgary’s summer festival season with a bang.

Inside the Thorncliffe Greenview community centre, some Calgarians wandered from food kiosks to booths, while others sat at tables in front of a large stage that featured multiple live performances through the day.

Dancers in flowing white costumes paraded around in synchronized motion as Jamaican patties were doled out. T-shirts displaying the flag and colours of Jamaica covered numerous merchandise tables.

Photo Gallery: Calgarians Enjoy a Taste of Jamaica

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