Canadian college player Shane Lust navigates his way through European professional leagues

Lust1Shane Lust, 26, sits on the couch in his cozy townhouse he shares with his sister and mother. A lover of all sports, he watches hockey and flicks to basketball during commercial breaks.

Lust holds the record for most points for his team and is the only former player of the SAIT Polytechnic Trojans to develop a career in Europe.

In his years at SAIT, Lust was ranked number one among all other players in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s statistics. His 152 career points exceed the next closest contender – Torrie Dyck, by 10.

Lust said he was hooked on the game from the first time he skated at age three.

“I always had passion and love for the game,” Lust said. “I played with mini sticks in the basement when I was little, just goofing around.”

Growing up with hockey

One of the biggest influences in Lust’s career was his father who helped coach him as a young boy.

“He never missed a rink time,” said Lust, who mentioned his father was a nationally certified coach who had to quit the sport early after breaking his femur.

“My mom, well she’s the best hockey mom around,” said Lust, as his mother, Roxie, laughed in the background.

Lust was known as a humourous and energized leader according to childhood friend and teammate, Tyler Helfrich.

“Shane’s one of those people everyone gravitates to if you know what I mean,” Helfrich said.
“He is a natural goal-scorer. You want to get the puck to him, because when he gets his stick on it, you know it’s always going to end up in the back of the net.”

A college career

Lust’s career with the SAIT Trojans took an exciting turn when they successfully won three championships.

“Once you win you want to do it with every team,” Lust said. “You get that itch to win along with the winning attitude.”Shane Lust-1Shane Lust thrusts one of his four championship trophies from his college days playing as a SAIT Trojan into the air.

Photo courtesy of Shane Lust

Lust is the first player of all SAIT hockey alumni to play professionally in Europe. Trojans coach Ken Babey was one who helped Lust finalize the contract through negotiations.

Lust graduated from SAIT in 2011 with a major in marketing and finance. He says the skills he learned playing at SAIT have helped him compete at an international level indefinitely.

Living in Europe

Lust signed a contract with the Hockey Club of Morzine Avoriaz and moved to France at the age of 24.

After playing two seasons with Les Pingouins, Lust’s agent found him a spot on the Braehead Clan located in Glasgow, Scotland.

“It’s another great life experience and it’s been unreal to get the chance to play in Scotland,” Lust said. “I just enjoy playing the game out here and traveling the world and seeing different places.”

Playing hockey in Scotland was an adjustment for Lust, but he quickly learned the different style of play.

“The British league is different than France because it has a more North American influence,” Lust said. “I find it more physical than France, and is a very skilled and fast-paced league.”

Lust is under a one-year contract in Scotland, but he hopes to continue playing at an international level.

“Now that I kind of have my foot in the door in Europe, I’ll try to play the highest level possible,” he added.

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