If you could bring one of your personal possessions, what would it be?


Bruce Jackman: My reading glasses.
Larry Heather: My Bible, my life guide providing an ethical sound coping strategy for every variation of life. President George Washington, the first American president said this, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”
Norm Perrault: A knife.

Ward 1

Chris Harper: My Kindle.

Ward 2

Bernie Dowhan: I would bring a rugby ball. It would be great in times of boredom.

Ward 3

No response.

Ward 4

Yuri Shterngartz: An iPod to listen to music. Seeing the next question I am changing this to a warm sleeping bag, which is what I should have said first.

Ward 5

Bev Hearn: The one personal possession I would bring is a family album so I could look at my family and friends whenever I needed to.

Ward 6

Bob Bowles: My pet dog.
Joe Connelly: My electric toothbrush and floss!
Richard Pootmans: My treadmill.

Ward 7

Kevin Taylor: A journal, something to keep my mind working and to record my thoughts and to draw.

Ward 8

Ian Newman: I would say a scuba bag but I doubt you would give me enough tanks. So let’s just say my snorkel and fins.

Ward 9

Darwin Lahue: I would bring my iPhone to stay informed on the activities back at home. Like many Calgarians I am addicted to my phone.
Jordan Katz: I would bring my bed.

Ward 10

Nargis Dossa: Since technology has become the number one communication tool I would bring my cellphone. Enough juice to make one Facebook entry of my location (check-in) and get rescued, lol!

Ward 11

Brian Pincott: My iPod would be the one thing I would bring (with solar charger). I need to have music, all kinds of music, and lots of music.
James Maxim: The one possession would be my iPad with a library of 100 plus books!

Ward 12

Stephanie Kusie: A card my dad gave me that says, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” He wrote me a note in it that says, “Enjoy every step of the journey.” I reflect on this as a mantra for life.

Ward 13

Adam Frisch: It would have to be my cat, Dottie. If I left her home, she throws parties when I’m not there and I have to clean up after her. At least this way I can keep an eye on her.

Ward 14

Shawn Kao: My iPad with a solar charger. This answer is based on having provisions already!



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