Calgary kink and BDSM community holds fundraiser for non-profit group this Valentine’s Day long weekend


Crimson Events, a Calgary-based performance art group, is a staple in Calgary’s thriving kink and BDSM community – BDSM being an erotic practice built around the practices of bondage and the interaction between the dominant and the submissive.

Over the years, the company, specializing in various forms of adult entertainment, has paired with a number of charitable organizations; the most recent being HIV Community Link who they’ve partnered with for their upcoming event.

 On Feb. 16, Crimson performers will take the stage at Jimmy’s Nightclub. Attendees will be invited to witness, and even partake in various forms of bondage and burlesque while witnessing original performances by entertainers in Calgary’s alternative entertainment scene.

One of the co-founders of Crimson, who goes by her stage name “Amythia,” says she’s excited about the partnership with HIV Community Link. It is not the first time the organizations have worked together, but it’s the first time they’ve partnered on this large a scale. In the past, Community Link has provided Crimson Events with condoms and educational materials to be distributed throughout performance venues.

“I’ve been talking about doing a fundraiser for them,” Amythia said. “The community kind of overlaps with the alternative sexualities.”

Weston Jacques, communications coordinator for HIV Community Link, said that all proceeds from Crimson Events will be going right to the charity.

“The money raised will go towards our support services and education outreach programs,” Jacques said via email. “This will benefit our clients who are living with or affected by HIV and help us educate the greater public on HIV prevention.

“Without the support from community partners such as Crimson Events we would not be able do the work that we do,” said Jacques.

Amythia isn’t the only artist involved with Crimson who is excited about the partnership.

Burlesque performer, Heather Ross — who goes by the stage name Sanguine — maintains that the partnership is a great way to educate while raising money for a great cause.

“It’s so important for us (the kink community) to share information because we have people who are willing to listen and it’s such an open space and such a good accepting community that it’s a good spot to educate,” Ross added.

Amythia and Sanguine will be at Jimmy’s Nightclub Feb. 16 for the adult-only event. Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door with all proceeds going to HIV Community Link.

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Editor’s note:

We have removed the real name of one of the event organizers to protect her professional identity.

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