Duane Bratt on Redford’s downfall

Mount Royal professor describes where our former Premier went wrong

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Alberta Premier Alison Redford resigned on March 19, 2014 less than two years after winning a majority government in the 2012 provincial election. Her resignation came after almost a month of constant bad news that included a caucus and party revolt, an ongoing expense scandal over the costs of her trip to South Africa to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral in Nov. 2013, and worsening poll numbers. 

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Alberta educators weigh in on Redford’s resignation

Teachers, executives express mixed feelings about premier’s decision to step down

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Alison Redford’s decision to quit her post as premier has some educators pondering what Alberta schools will look like with someone new at the helm. Predictions range from optimistic to less than hopeful.

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‘We need another Ralph Klein is what we need’

Calgarians react to Premier Alison Redford’s resignation


The Calgary Journal sent reporters in all directions on this first snowy day of spring. The goal — ask Calgarians about Alison Redford’s decision to step down as their premier. News of her resignation blanketed the city. Our reporters rode the C-train, visited the Legion, hung out at a S.E. mall, and wandered the streets in search of reaction.

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Lori Williams talks Redford resignation, the P.C. party and women in politics

Political analyst weighs in on the departure of the premier

Lori WilliamsWhat was your initial reaction to the announcement?

“I think probably the most surprising thing about it was the timing. It looked like the party executive and Alison Redford had been planning for a more measured response to the problems to see if they could do something to get the party on track and if not, plan in a more strategic way for future succession. So I was surprised this decision came when it did.”

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The resignation in 140 characters or less

Taking you on a social media tour of the reaction as Redford steps down

Alison Redford

The moment Alison Redford took to Twitter saying she was going to be making an announcement – social media erupted with reaction.

When she finally made the announcement that she would be resigning, a stream of hashtags ranging from #RedfordResigns to #abpoli began trending all over Canada.

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Redford quits

Alberta premier to step down Sunday evening 

Redford thumbnailAlison Redford announced Wednesday evening that she will no longer be serving as premier of Alberta. Her surprise news conference came after weeks of turmoil as Alberta’s leader faced blistering accusations of misspending and poor leadership.

“Quite frankly too much time has been spent in the last few weeks on questions of loyalty, allegiances and character,” Redford said.

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