Lead singer Trevor Tarhos says music is the only thing that motivates him.

Local up and coming band Negative Earth offers high energy performances, says lead singer Trevor Tarhos.

Tarhos says the five-member outfit “gives intense lyrics and riffs that transform the sound in the venue from negative to positive”—hence the band’s name. 

Negative Earth released an extended play (EP), Antithesis, a year ago. They will be playing their next Calgary show on Halloween at Lord Nelson’s Bar & Grill.

Tarhos writes and produces his own music for Negative Earth. 

Produced by Zarif Alibhai

“I just want to do music,” Tarhos says. “This is the only thing in my life that’s made me happy.

“I’m 32 now, and these little voices in my head are starting to come up. ‘Where am I going to be at 40? Am I going to be here, still trying to get this dream at 40?’ I need to do this now, so it’s putting a lot of pressure on me to make it happen.”

Negative Earth’s members are Esther Widmann, keys and vocals; Seth Derain, drums; Cohven Rigs, bass guitar; Ali Gory, guitar, and Tarhos, lead vocals and guitar.

Gory is known for his extremely tight playing on rhythm guitar. Derain impresses crowds with his quick-footed double kick while smashing on the drums.


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