The Calgary Journal’s list of the hottest festivals coming to the city


For the city of Calgary the month of June can be viewed as interesting yet unexpected; full of lots of surprises and electrifying shocks, such as the June 2013 flood.

Do not let that part catch you off guard though as June is also the month when the temperature rises and the summer season kicks into high gear by bringing the city to life with its grand mixture of festivals and events.

Calgary, now’s the time to get out there, to feel alive, and have an adventure this month by checking out the events this city has to offer.

Funnyfest Comedy Festival
Dates: May 29 – June 8
Venues: Ceili’s, Roadhouse, Oak Tree Tavern, Marda Loop Community Centre and more

Need a bit of a laugh? Well, you can get your funny on and laugh-out-loud at the 14th Annual Funnyfest Calgary Comedy Festival. Funnyfest is a mix of both adult and family entertainment that features 70 performers in 26 shows that are spread across 11 venues in Calgary. The festival also presents a variety of stand-up comics, performers, comedy magic, musical comedy and just your everyday average people who are funny. This year, Funnyfest showcases the comedic stylings of Stu Hughes and its annual talent search that aims to find the next top-notch Calgary stand-up comedian. For more information on Funnyfest and how to get tickets, visit:

Calgary Ukrainian Festival
Dates: June 7 – 8
Venue: Acadia Recreation Complex

Want to learn more about the Ukrainian culture and its traditions? You’re in luck as the local Ukrainian community is welcoming all Calgarians to the fifth annual Calgary Ukrainian Festival. The festival is aimed to celebrate many aspects of Ukrainian heritage, by showcasing a vast mix of cuisine, entertainment, arts and culture while prominently focusing on true Ukrainian hospitality. As well, the Calgary Ukrainian Festival sets up a world-class main stage that presents the very best in Ukrainian song, dance and music from across Calgary. The highlight of the festival is the annual Zabava, which lets you party like a Ukrainian to the sights and sounds of traditional dance and live polka music. For more information on the Calgary Ukrainian Festival and how to get tickets for the Zabava, visit

willisearlbeale by doug springer hiresSinger Willis Earl Beale rocking out at Ironwood Stage and Grill at the 2012 Sled Island Music Festival.

Photo by Doug Springer Hires

Sled Island Festival
Dates: June 18 – 22
Venues: Throughout Calgary’s inner core

Last year, the highly anticipated Sled Island Music Festival was cancelled, due to the massive flooding that inundated areas of Calgary. But the music festival is set for a triumphant return with an eclectic mix of music geared towards adults as well as families. The festival features over 250 artists playing in more than 30 venues across Calgary, artists who come from our very own backyard and from across North America. With that in mind, TIME magazine named Sled Island as one of the top 14 music festivals to check out this year. Sled Island also promotes other avenues of culture within Calgary like film, art and comedy. For more information on Sled Island, how to attend and where to get tickets, visit

Ignite 2014 – Calgary’s Festival for Emerging Artists
Dates: June 18 – 21
Venue: Vertigo Theatre and Lunchbox Theatre

ignitefestEmerging artists performing a dramatic scene at the 2012 Ignite Festival for Emerging Artists.

Photo Courtesy of Ian Martens /Sage Theatre Facebook Page Have a passion for checking out new offerings of what the Calgary arts scene has to offer? Well look no further because the 10th anniversary of the Ignite Festival is just for you. The Ignite Festival was founded in 2004 and it has grown into an event that provides emerging artists with many opportunities to cultivate their talents in a setting that has created partnerships, launched careers and birthed new productions. The festival showcases the work of 100 artists, ranging in music, dance, theatre and visual arts. For more information on Ignite 2014, visit

Calgary Greek Festival
Dates: June 20 – 22
Venue: Hellenic Community Centre

greekfoodDelicious Greek food known as Dolmades are one of the menu items featured at the annual Calgary Greek Festival.

Photo Courtesy of Calgary Greek Festival Facebook PageWant to experience a Mediterranean culture like no other that has a very rich history and many captivating traditions? Well then look no further, because the Calgary Greek Festival has got it all. This year the Calgary Greek Festival is inviting Calgarians to celebrate Greek culture in the city by showcasing a wide assortment of live music, dancing, food and attractions for the whole family. The festival will also feature a grand prize raffle, where a lucky festival attendee can win a trip for two to Greece. Try some delicious Greek food, make new friends and learn more about a culture that has stood the test of time. For more information about the Calgary Greek Festival, visit

Dates: June 27 – July 6
Venue: Throughout Calgary

Bike enthusiasts can rejoice as Cyclepalooza returns, for its epic 10-day ride of bike-themed fun. Cyclepalooza’s main initiative is to promote the arts, culture and events in Calgary, by bringing Calgarians together through the love of cycling. As well, Cyclepalooza wants to generate more interest in cycling in Calgary, by showcasing its positive impacts on communities and how it brings those communities together. The event features commuter challenges, photo contests and ride tours throughout the city. So grab your bike and your helmet, and pedal off around the city to enjoy the sights and sounds that Cyclepalooza has to offer. For more information on Cyclepalooza, visit 

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