City paralyzed by massive September snowstorm


Calgary currently should be experiencing the joys of summer, but the city was hit with an unexpected blast of winter that sparked massive citywide power outages, school closures, downed power lines, slushy roads and laid carnage to trees.

Over 30,000 people were affected by city-wide power outages in all four quadrants of the city. As of this time, there are over 70 communities that are currently affected in Calgary:

• Southwood, Haysboro, Canyon Meadows
• Rosedale, Cresent Heights
• Woodlands, Woodbine, Fish Creek Park
• Willow Park, Acadia
• Cedarbrae, Braeside
• Westgate, Shaganappi, Rosscarrock, Killarney/Glengarry, Glendale
• North Glenmore Park, Lincoln Park, Glenmore Park, Altadore, Rutland, Glamorgan,
• Shawnee Slopes, Millrise, Midnapore, Fish Creek Park
• Lake Bonavista
• Windsor Park, Meadowland Park, Mayfair, Manchester, Kingsland, Kelvin Grove, Eagle Ridge, Bel-aire
• Highwood, Collingwood, Charleswood, Cambrian Heights, Brentwood
• Valley Ridge, Rural West, Rural N.W., Crestmont
• Renfrew, Bridgeland
• Southwood
• Somerset, Bridlewood, Shawnessy, and Rural S.W.
• Capitol Hill, Banff Trail
• Montgomery, Bowness
• Tuscany, Rural N.W., Royal Vista, Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge
• Chinook Park, Bayview
• Dalhousie
• Upper Mount Royal, South Calgary, Richmond
• Varsity
• Parkfield, Erlton, Highfield, Manchester Industrial

The events also forced the cancellation of the opening ceremonies of the Spruce Meadows Masters MRUSeveral trees are collapsed along Mount Royal Circle S.W., spurring grounds crews to remove broken branches and clear pathways.

Photo by Tera Swansoncompetition that was slated to occur this week. As well, it pushed the annual Beakerhead festivities indoor due to safety concerns outside.

Throughout most of the day, majority of the schools in Calgary separate and public systems have remained open except for a few that were closed due to power outages. Similarly, no major post-secondary institutions cancelled classes.

As well, flights in and out of Calgary were either delayed or cancelled due to the extreme conditions. To see if your flight has been affected, visit

During the course of the day, the City of Calgary and Enmax have been providing information to Calgarians on the developing situation.

According to the City of Calgary Twitter page Mayor Naheed Nenshi stated that the city has three major priorities right now.

“We have three priorities right now, public safety, working with Enmax to restore power and cleaning debris,” says Nenshi.

earlgreyA massive tree branch crushes the fence that separates the Earl Grey Golf Club from Crowchild Trail S.W.

Photo by Landon WesleyNenshi also urged drivers to spread out their afternoon commute to alleviate congestion.

Not many people know what to do when a tree touches a power line or brings it down completely due to heavy snow conditions. Enmax recommends the following:

 • Report downed trees, branches and wires by either calling 911 or 311.
• Call 911 if the power lines are sparking or ignite.
• Call 311 to report downed trees and branches lying on power lines.
• If you come across a branch or tree on a power line, do not try to remove it.
• Stay at least 10 meters away from downed power lines.

For updates please follow the Calgary Journal’s Twitter page to get the latest information. 

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