Compared to the rest of Canada, more Albertans enjoy going to the cinema at least once a week

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Across the country, there is a steady decline in those who frequent the cinema at least once a week. But even so, 57 per cent of Canadians attend a theatre weekly, while Alberta’s numbers are slightly higher, sitting at 58 per cent.

One Calgary moviegoer, Alex Huehn, believes the magic of going to the cinema supersedes the cost.

“For me, yes, the experience succeeds the cost. The cinema makes me so happy that I don’t care about the price. I think happiness is more important that money,” said Huehn.

Mike Langdon, the director of communications for Cineplex, stated that the average ticket price is lower than it was 10 years ago, although, he didn’t include other expenses.

For many, a movie is never complete without popcorn, a variety of candy and a cold beverage. With that being said, for an evening at the movies you are looking at paying $16.07 for one large popcorn, one drink and a selected candy. This is on top of paying $13.25 for one general ticket.

Amanda Hancock, a university student said, “the problem I find with going to the movies is the cost. For my boyfriend and I it costs roughly $60 whereas when my dad, sister and I would go to the movies as kids it would cost us $30.”

According to the Motion Picture Association of America, box office sales in 2013 for Canada and the U.S. were at 10.9 billion. This was a 1 per cent increase compared 2012.

In 2013, there was a 2 per cent increase in the average ticket price. Sales were higher in 2013 but admissions still fell by 20 million compared to the year prior. The motion picture association said this increase could be due to the cost in tickets

“With moviegoers, it is better to watch a movie at the theatre with other people – it is a social experience,” said Cineplex manager Langdon.

He says that Cineplex’s focus is to provide an enjoyable experience by innovating more luxurious ways for people to enjoy the movies. One of those ways includes Cineplex adding VIP cinemas to Calgary next year.

VIP cinemas are licensed auditoriums where people can enjoy a glass of wine or pop with some food from the VIP menu. The menu includes foods like a burger with fries to some buttery popcorn or candy.

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