Calgary photographer attributes her escape from depression to her art

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Alana Burrows discovered her love for photography while attending high school in Calgary. The 21-year-old freelance photographer says her passion behind the lens has since afforded her an artistic release and a way to overcome depression.

“I had days where I couldn’t seem to do anything to get me out of my funk. Photography has helped me let out my feelings without having to talk about them,” says Burrows.

Picking up her first professional camera two-and-a-half years ago, Burrows says she realized that she could use photography to express the joy she feels in empowering other women by taking their pictures.

Throughout her time freelancing, Burrows has shot many women of different shapes, sizes and experience. She says she tries to capture natural beauty, and avoids doing too much digital enhancing.

Andrea Magnolo, who has modeled for Burrows in the past, says she was hesitant about her first shoot. However, as Magnolo reflects back to that day, she recalls how empowered Burrows made her feel.

“She was really good at directing me with positions and poses. She just made me feel really comfortable and beautiful and I have yet to feel that comfortable with another photographer,” says Magnolo.

Magnolo’s experience is exactly what Burrows says she is trying to achieve when photographing women — making them feel confident and sexy.

“I love when I see girls transform throughout photo shoots. They start off feeling shy and sometimes awkward, and then something clicks in them and all of a sudden they are rocking that shoot and you can see their confidence shine,” expresses Burrows.

Although photography is Burrow’s passion, she says she never wants it to become her full-time career. Instead, the Calgary photographer hopes it remains an artistic release that she can use as a coping mechanism for when life gets rough.

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