The aroma of fresh perogies filled the Acadia Recreation Complex during Calgary’s Ukrainian Festival.


The lineup was out the doors of the Acadia Recreation complex, with eager attendees sporting traditional clothing and mouths watering over the thought of perogies and beer waited to join the fun at Calgary’s sixth annual Ukrainian Festival held over the first weekend of June.

There was a strong sense of unity in the room, with smiling children sporting freshly painted faces, and seniors taking in the music and dances.

It was remarkable and refreshing to see such a great display of a diverse culture.

With dancing, children’s activities, music, food, informational posters and a vendor market, the festival was an entertaining inside look at the largest country in Europe.

The vendor market was filled with unique items with a Ukrainian twist. Everything could be found from matryoshka dolls to funny slogan T-shirts, and even European chocolates.

ukrainiandancingTraditional dances and performances were a big hit amongst the crowd at Calgary’s sixth annual Ukrainian Festival.

Photo by Melanie Walsh
Most attendees watched the talented performers, such as the traditional Hopka dances, but the food was also a big draw. The place was packed with rows and rows of tables with plates of hot, fresh perogies.

The Perogy Guy was frying them a-la-cart style at one of the busier booths, where patrons could choose a desired stuffed perogy and in just a few minutes be enjoying fresh Ukrainian cuisine; all while watching the dance performances.

The festival offered something for everyone, a fun way to understand more about the rich heritage of the Ukraine.

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