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Khalis Ahmed – New Democratic Party


Kerry Cundal– Liberal Party of Canada 


Taryn Knorren– Green Party of Canada


Ron Liepert– Conservative Party of Canada

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Tim Moen – Libertarian Party of Canada


Jesse Rau– Christian Heritage Party


Candidate snapshots

Khalis Ahmed| NDP Candidate


 Khalis Ahmed is running for the NDP in the riding of Calgary Signal Hill. A resident in Signal Hill with his wife and their two children, Ahmed says he is dedicated to building a stronger community. Ahmed’s education includes a M.Sc. from Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Ahmed volunteers his time on Battalion Park School Council, as a liaison to the Signal Hill Community Association and serves as vice president of the Bangladesh Canada Association of Calgary. Ahmed has spent nearly two decades working as a geologist with major oil and gas companies and teaches at ABM College.

When asked how he defines politics Ahmed said, “If there is something you want me to say, I will represent it. If there is something you want me to do, I’ll take action. That is politics.”

Information provided by the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Office Number: 403 401 2926


Facebook: Khalissignalhill

Twitter: khalis4signalhl

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 Kerry Cundal| Liberal Candidate


After resigning from her position on the Immigrant and Refugee Board of Canada, Kerry Cundal is running for the Liberal Party of Canada in Calgary Signal Hill. Cundal and her husband, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Cory Cundal, and their two children have been residents in the riding for over 10 years. Cundal began her professional life as a teacher, then transferring into law after graduating from University of Calgary. She has practiced at the Wolch Hursh de Wit Silverberg & Watts and Sherritt Green firms in Calgary. Also a community elected leader, Cundal regularly donates her time at United Way, Calgary Workers Resources Centre and Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association.

She defines politics as, “stewardship and public service.”

Information provided by the Liberal Party of Canada.




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Taryn Knorren | Green Party Candidate


A recent graduate from Renaissance College, Taryn Knorren is running in Calgary Signal Hill for the Green Party of Canada. Since finishing her degree, Knorren has moved back to her hometown Calgary. Knorren has experience working with the government as a special assistant to the Alberta Minister of Energy. She has also worked on the ‘Making It Happen’ Strategy project with the Department of Post Education Training and Labour New Brunswick. Knorrent spent four months in India as part of an internship.

“…Politics as it should be, is representing your people and representing your riding and being there to be a voice for the people who put you in government and I believe that you should be a stateswoman first and a politician second,” said Knorren.

Information provided by the Green Party of Canada.




Phone: 403 510 9944


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Ron Liepert|Conservative Candidate


A community member who has lived in Signal Hill for almost 15 years with his wife and two children, Ron Liepert is running for Calgary Signal Hill with the Conservative Party. Raised and educated in Saltcoats, Sask., Liepert moved to Alberta in 1971 where he enrolled in the Columbia School of Broadcasting. Liepert worked for eight years as a radio and television reporter in Edmonton before moving into politics. His political career has seen him work with former Premier Peter Lougheed as a trade director, and served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. During his time in the provincial government, Liepert served as Minister of Education, Minister of Health and Wellness, Minister of Energy, and Minister of Finance. Since leaving office, he has operated a consulting business and served as a partner with Canadian Strategy Group.

“I believe that politics is about the critical issues facing all of us as Canadians,” said Liepert. “Our fragile economy is a critical issue, and as such is the Conservative Party’s number one priority. With a $5-billion surplus so far this year we’re pursuing a low-tax, balanced budget plan to protect Canadian jobs and growth in the face of global uncertainty.” 


Facebook: ronliepert

Phone: 587 997 8745


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Tim Moen|Libertarian Candidate


Tim Moen is the current leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada. . Before moving to Calgary, Moen lived in Fort McMurray and Athabasca. Moen has run previously in the 2014 Fort McMurray-Athabasca byelection. His previous resume consists of serving his community as a firefighter, paramedic, business owner, writer, filmmaker and volunteer.

“…My idea of politics and what I am trying to do and what our party is trying to do is go from the bottom to the top. Create awareness, educate people about principles of liberty and we believe that when enough people adopt these beliefs and start to embrace them, then the rest of the system and society follows…,” said Moen.

Information provided by the Libertarian Party of Canada.


Facebook: VoteTimMoen


Phone: 587 997 8745

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 Jesse Rau|Christian Heritage Candidate


Jesse Rau is running for the Christian Heritage Party. Rau lives with his wife and two boys in Calgary. Rau was contacted by the party to run in the 2015 election after he was fired from his position as a Calgary Transit bus driver. Rau came to the public’s attention following his public refusal to drive a bus that was decorated for the honour of Calgary Pride, despite Calgary Transit stating other reasons for his dismissal. Rau’s resume consists of being an Army reservist, lifeguard, social worker and truck driver. 

“What politics means to me is ultimately being held accountable and holding others accountable to a higher standard of integrity. It’s being honest, and having a high standard of morals and ultimately politics is service hood…” said Rau.

Information provided by the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

Facebook: ElectJesseRau


Phone: 403 607 4434


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Calgary Signal Hill at a glance

Map SignalHill copy

Signal Hill was created out of the former ridings Calgary West and Calgary Centre as per the redistribution of federal ridings in 2012. The new riding covers the central portion of western Calgary and lies south of the Bow River, stretching from 37th street SW to the city’s western boundary.

Map courtesy of Elections Canada 

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