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Faizan Butt – Democratic Advancement Party of Canada

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Edward Gao – Libertarian Party of Canada


Bruce Kaufman– NDP


Robert Prcic – Liberal Party of Canada


Michelle Rempel – Conservative Party of Canada


Laurie Scheer – Green Party of Canada

Candidate snapshots

Robert Prcic | Liberal Candidate

NoseHillRiding Liberal Prcic

Robert Prcic is the owner of GTR Auto, a custom car performance shop located in Calgary’s southwest. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Calgary after majoring in law and society, and played for the university’s basketball team. He coaches Calgary Selects Basketball and wants to be a key voice for the Nose Hill riding.

Twitter: @RobertPrcic


Phone: 587 889 7338

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Bruce Kaufman | NDP Candidate

NoseHillRiding NDP Kaufman

Kaufman graduated from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s degree in education and physical education. He has worked as a Calgary middle school and high school teacher since 1992, teaching math, science, and physical education. He represented his school in the Alberta Teachers’ Association for 16 years and has volunteered extensively with the Council of Canadians and Calgary Pride. He has also been a member of the board of directors for the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival for five years, and is a volunteer referee for the Calgary Basketball Officials Association. When asked by the Calgary Journal how he defines politics, Kaufman said, “Politics is working everyday to move our country forward.”





Phone: 403 470 2856

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Edward Gao | Libertarian Candidate

NoseHillRiding Libertarian Gao

Gao grew up in Charlottetown, PEI and received his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Toronto. Gao works for TransCanada and looks to become the newest member of Parliament in Nose Hill. Gao is an avid musician and martial arts practitioner and enjoys outdoor adventures including snowboarding, skydiving as well as rock climbing. Gao believes that “it is essential that Canadians embrace a vision where individual liberty is upheld without compromise” in order for Canada to continue to evolve. When asked by the Calgary Journal how he defines politics, Gao said, “It’s a way to organize society to use government to defend rights and freedoms and achieve economic prosperity.”                   



Phone: 403 889 5858

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Laurie Scheer | Green Party Candidate

NoseHillRiding Green Scheer

Scheer was born and raised in Calgary. He attended both SAIT and the University of Calgary for engineering, going on to become a self-employed engineer. Scheer is an avid supporter of the local Calgary art and music scene. When asked by the Calgary Journal how he defines politics, Scheer said, “Politics is a way of managing social issues and society in general. As an enterprise, it’s the way we organize things and make sure they run smoothly.”                                                             



Phone: 403 220 0307

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Michelle Rempel | Conservative Candidate

NoseHillRiding Conversative Rempel

Rempel has been active in Canadian politics for many years. She has a lengthy resume and has won several awards, including the Maple Leaf Award. In 2011, Rempel was appointed to be a representative for Calgary Centre-North in the House of Commons and since then has been appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment. Prior to becoming a politician, Rempel was a director at the University of Calgary and has also worked at the University of Manitoba in the technology commercialization division. Rempel is president of the Calgary Nose Hill Conservative Association, co-chair of both the Conservative National Policy Committee and Alberta’s CPC President’s Council.

Twitter: @MichelleRempel


Phone: 403 800 4492

Faizan Butt | Democratic Advancement Party of Canada

NoseHillRiding DAPC Butt

Faizan Butt graduated from Mount Royal University in Calgary with a bachelor’s in business administration. He later went to Queensland, Australia to complete a doctorate of law at Bond University. He is fluent in four languages and has a strong desire to reinstate privacy rights and senior’s benefits to the Calgary Nose Hill community. When asked by the Calgary Journal how he defines politics, Butt said, “Politics is a new word given to the term governance, which is actually what politics is all about.”



Phone: 403 669 8132

All photos courtesy of campaign offices

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Calgary Nose Hill at a glance

NoseHillRiding MapWithIcon

The Calgary Nose Hill is home to 109,286 people according to a 2011 census. Of those total population 80, 629 are eligible electors according to Elections Canada. 

The riding has favoured the Conservatives substantially, as Tory voting strength has increased in each of the past three votes.

However, no matter who wins this vote the MP will be a new face in Nose Hill, as longtime incumbent Diane Alblonczy, who represented the Conservative Party, recently confirmed her retirement.

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